Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Best Puppy!

My hubby and I have The Best Puppy!!!
And our best puppy turned 2 yesterday.  :-D

Poor Lloyd-ey's birthday is the same day as Hubby and my anniversary... which is awesome, except that on our anniversary, his birthday plays second fiddle because it's our anniversary!

Two weeks before our wedding, Hubby and I went out to a special dinner, and exchanged wedding gifts -- our wedding gifts to each other.  Hubby gave me a book on Labrador Retrievers... and told me that my wedding present was still on the way.  He said when we got settled in Colorado that fall, he would get me a black lab puppy.

In October, the most wonderful little puppy joined our family.  After he came with his Grandpa Miller from St. Louis, we looked at his paper and discovered that our wedding present puppy was born ON our wedding day.  Nothing could be more perfect!

And our puppy, Lloyd Carr, is the perfect dog for us.  God was so good to us in choosing Lloyd for our family.  He is so loving, excitable, eager to please, affectionate, playful, appreciative, and tough.  He is also quiet, a scaredey-cat, and he always wants to be near us.  He is not a runner, and he's not a barker.  He is our perfect puppy.

Lloyd adds so much joy to our family.  He responds so distinctively to angry tones in our voices, sadness in our body language, and all he wants to do is make us happy.  When we praise him, the smile on his face, and the wag of his tail makes it clear that his day was made because he made us happy.

He has grown up so much in the past year.  Our first year with him was wonderful... but he was a puppy.  I still call him puppy, but he is not a puppy any more.  He is a mature, young, loving, obedient, grown dog who knows the rules.  He is still a ball of energy, but he knows what is expected of him, and he is SOOOO much better at meeting our expectations.  Our time with Lloyd the puppy was so precious, but I am CHERISHING our time with Lloyd the grown dog.

What a gift we have in Lloyd.
Thank you, Lord, for trusting us with Your dog, Lloyd.  Thank you for creating such a perfect puppy for our family and for knowing the needs of our family so individually that you would specifically send Lloyd to us to love, enjoy, and care for.

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