Friday, August 18, 2017

These Moments

These moments are everything...

 I pray these three always remain so joyful, loving, and close as siblings, and that there is room for a fourth child in this big hug.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Remember This Story

I saw this video on Monday, and ever since, when I'm having a hard time with my children, I try to remember this girl's story and suddenly whatever was bothering me doesn't matter anymore.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


When you're the second daughter, and you've outgrown this summer's hand-me-down water shoes, and haven't quite grown into next summer's hand-me-down water shoes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When you have three walking kiddos under four, even outings like walking a block and a half to drop two letters in the mail takes creativity.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

10(ish) on 10

The other day I remembered to take 10(plus) pictures on the 10th of the month.

Here they are:

This was one of the rare mornings I awoke before Tracey came in our room.  I got up, and dressed, and ready for the day... and laid back down in bed to stay off my feet until I had to get up because at 29 weeks pregnant, my back gets really sore by the end of the day.

Within 60 seconds of my snapping the selfie of my resting time, Tracey was up, awake and in bed with me ready for the day.

Hugs will Lloyd before we got the babies up.

This was a full basket of clean laundry just waiting to be folded.  I paused from my folding to change a messy diaper... and Caroline took that opportunity to create a cozy cave.

I don't know if Howard is excited about eventually turning a somersault, or if he always wants to see life from a different perspective, or if life with all these girls requires him to stop and strike a yoga pose in the middle of the day, but he assumes this position several times every day.  Check out that flexibility.

Caroline got a hold of my iphone at one point and this was the result.

As I was snapping pictures of our day, Howard crawled in my lap and absolutely loved when I flipped the camera around for a selfie of him.

Working diligently on a block tower.  She concentrated on this task for over 30 minutes all while her two siblings squabbled about which blocks were theirs to use.  Caroline focused on her task of building a tall tower... then it would fall, and she would happily build it again.

Tracey finally got tired of Howard knocking over her up-right towers, so she built a big cake on the floor.

We recently got an Instant Pot, and it has been such a game-changer for me in the kitchen.  It is used pretty much every day for some aspect of our meals and our kids have loved almost everything we've cooked in it.

Here are the twins loving their spaghetti chicken, and homemade yogurt.

The homemade yogurt is a huge hit, and so good for us.

Everybody in?  Blastoff!

Hubby came home with a Rifle Middle School shirt for me, which made me SO happy.  The teachers all got the cutest baseball-style shirts this year and I commented on how cute they were.  Hubby mentioned how much I liked them to the powers that be, and came home with a shirt for me.  This is my first ever Rifle Middle School shirt despite doing Hubby's laundry for the past six years (and now most of his wardrobe consists of Rifle Middle School apparel)... and I do work in Rifle Middle School through my work with blind students.  So, I was really excited.  I don't know that the shirt will fit me during this last trimester of pregnancy, but it should be a good size when I'm not pregnant.

 That was our day... Loads of fun and lots of little ones.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Setting the Record Straight

Howard and Caroline had their 18-month doctor's appointment this week (a little late because we were traveling when they turned 18-months).

One of the questions the practitioner asked me was if both twins could stack three or four blocks on top of each other.  I said that I wasn't sure the twins could stack three or four blocks but they could definitely stack two, and they could also topple stacks of three of four blocks without any problem.

Within forty-eight hours of that appointment, both twins had individually made very large towers of blocks in our family room.  It was as though they heard what I said to the doctor and immediately realized they needed to set the record straight.

 Well done, twinzers.  I stand corrected.

Both of the towers grew larger but I couldn't get pictures before they crashed.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Twins -- 19 Months

Our twins are doing SO much these days and it is so much fun to watch them each grow and develop in their own ways at their own paces.

  • Howard wants to do everything Tracey does.  He watches her like a hawk and is right behind her to try it himself.  Whether its climbing up something, or running after someone, or jumping on a bed, or learning how the baby gates open and close, he wants to know how everything works and wants to do everything Tracey does.
  • Howard is our little talker.  He has more actual words than Caroline and will try to repeat things we say, while Caroline is not to that point yet.  His most consistent words are: Hi (Hi-ee), Bye (Bi-ee), Daddy, Please (Eees), Ball (Ba), All done (Ah-da), No, Mama (Ma), Papa, More (Ma), Passie (bahbee), Doctor (daco), Puppy (papee), Balloon (baoo), Yucky (ucky)
  • Howard weights 25.2 pounds and measures 2' 8 3/4"
  • Howard loves daddy, like all the kids do, but he cuddles with Mama more than any of the other kiddos.  When daddy gets home from work, he is excited to see Daddy, but he gets over the excitement much more quickly than the girls do and wonders back to Mama before anyone else.
  • He is very quick to notice when something is wrong.  When Howard comes to get me and is pointing at something, it might take me a minute to figure it out, but more often than not, something is out of place or something is wrong and he's the one to come get me.  Sometimes it means Caroline is playing in the bathroom, sometimes it means his fork fell on the ground, sometimes it means someone took a toy away from him, but there is almost always a pretty legitimate reason he came to get me.
  • He loves to dance on his own, or with his sisters to music.
  • He follows directions pretty well (when he wants to) and has a great receptive vocabulary.
  • Both he and Caroline clear their dishes after meals and get really excited about that job.
  • Howard can point to his belly button, head, nose, ears, and sometimes eyes when he is asked.  He also blows kisses.
  • Our sweet Caroline loves playing with her siblings and is more tolerant of being told what to do or what to play with than either Tracey or Howard because she loves playing with that so much.
  • That being said, she is not afraid to become involved in her own task while Howard and Tracey are rough-housing.
  • When she methodically begins a task, she can do the same task over and over and over again, with extreme precision.  Sometimes it is something like filling a basket full of items, and then moving the items one by one into a bucket, and then moving the items one by one back to the basket... and over and over.  Sometimes it is emptying the books off the bookshelf into a stroller until the stroller is full and then pushing the stroller around the main floor.  Sometimes it is picking up candy during a parade, and if she see ANY unattended candy, she will run out to pick it up -- no matter how far away from where we are sitting, or if its in the middle of the street while the parade is marching by.
  • Caroline has less words than Howard, but she babbles A LOT.  She loves to hear herself talk and sing, especially when we are in the car.
  • The words she does say most often are: Hi (Ha), Bye (Ba), Daddy, Please (Eees), Mama, Papa, More (Ma),  Puppy (papee), Birdie (Bee-ee), Lexie (Lala), Teeth (tee)
  • She loves brushing her teeth and will frequently walk to the counter where we keep the toothbrushes and say "Tee!  Tee!" until I give her a toothbrush.
  • She loves electrical cords and outlets and remote controls.  Almost any time she is left alone for a second, she will either find a cord to pull, or a remote control to steal.
  • She adores her Daddy and will happily sit in his lap or lay on his chest for as long as he will let her.
  • Caroline loves to wash her hands, and is very methodical about how I've shown her to do it -- both hands wet, get soap, rub hands, and rinse.  Howard is now getting the hang of it, but Caroline would wash her hands 25 times a day if I let her.
  • Caroline is 25 pounds, and is measures 2' 8" in height. 
  • Caroline cut her first tooth before Howard, but then at twelve months, Howard had more teeth than she did.  Well that all changed this past spring because she popped teeth all spring and summer like it was her job and she now has, I think 13 teeth, including several molars (more than Howard has).

  • Eat really well and will try most foods we give them
  • Share their food really well and often will finish a meal between them even if only one is eating the whole banana and the other ends up with twice the oatmeal, they work together to finish the meal
  • Know how to give one another a hug when we tell them to say their sorry.  When someone gets hit or hurt, we tell the one to say their sorry to their brother or sister, and he or she will put their arms around the other and lean their head in.  The one who is hurt leans their head back to the other.  And, if Tracey is anywhere nearby, she always says, "True love!"
  • Take a two-plus hour nap during the day, in the afternoon, and sleep through the night from about 7:30pm-8:30am.  It is wonderful.
  • Both sleep with blankets and passies, but the blankets and passies have to stay in their cribs so they cannot have them throughout the day.
  • They both love running around and rarely sit still during the day except for when they're napping.
  • They do like books, but they cannot be too long or the twins will start running around again.
I'm sure there is so much more they are doing that I could relay to you, but that at least says a little of what they're up to these days.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3 Toucans

Tracey Ann has a book called something like The Watering Hole (that may or may not be the exact title.  Its a story about different quantities of animals meeting at the watering hole and the book counts from 1-10.  

The pictures of the animals are gorgeous even though not all the animals 1-10 live in the same climates to meet at the same watering hole.  Anyway, the incompatibility of fauna is not my main issue with the book... but instead, that the book lists 3 Toucans.

My 3 year old really likes this book, and she's heard it enough times that, coupled with the pictures and her, albeit, unsteady counting abilities, she likes to read the book independently.  She does very well except for those confounded 3 Toucans.

Why couldn't they have listed 2 Toucans?  The words sound alike and sort of go together.  But no... the books reads, "2 Tigers (turn the page) 3 Toucans."  My precious little girl consistently reads, "2 Tigers (turn the page) 2 Threecans," and, frankly, I can't blame her.

The book also prints the numbers and the animals exactly like that, 3 Toucans... so, she isn't even given the chance to observe that Three Toucans actually has different letters in place than Two Toucans would.

As I type all of this, as an educator, I really don't like the way the book is written... it doesn't set a child up for success with numbers or animals.  But, as a mother, it hits me that soon my little girl will read the book correctly, and while I will be so proud of her, it will tug at my heart strings to hear her successfully read, "3 Toucans" instead of the adorable and honest, "2 Threecans."

Monday, August 7, 2017

No Longer Babies

I really love the blog and facebook family from Story of This Life.  Each week she holds a giveaway and she asks for people to comment on her picture for a chance to win something.  Yesterday, she said she looked at her three-year-old (who's about two months older than Tracey), and she just couldn't believe what a grown-up little girl stood where her baby used to be.  Then she asked for pictures of our babies who are no longer babies.

I quickly created two picture collages and posted them in the comments with the hopes of winning... but really to just take a minute and acknowledge that what she observed is so true.  My babies are no longer babies.

Even my twin babies are no longer babies... which is why it is so wonderful that I am expecting another baby because I really do have a house full of little children, and they're not babies any longer.

My oldest baby... who is not a baby.

My youngest babies... who are not babies.

Where did my babies go?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sights of County Fair

This week has been the Garfield County Fair and Rodeo.  We took Tracey to the youth rodeo Tuesday night and she participated in mutton bustin' (where she rode a sheep as long as she could until she fell off), and the calf scramble (where she chased calves trying to grab a ribbon off their tails).

Then, yesterday we watched the Country Fair Parade, which is one of the best parades in our little town (which has some great parades, I must say), and then went to some of the fair events.

All in all, it was a great time where we ran into a lot of friends and its just another reason we love living in such a great small town.

 Here is our time at the rodeo:

Here we are waiting for the parade to start:

And we we are enjoying the animals and activities at the county fair:

(I'm glad she's not afraid of sheep after her mutton bustin' adventure)

This was the twins' first time riding a horse... or in this case, a miniature horse 

A petting zoo... 

And fun at the butterfly house

Can you find the butterfly on my head?

Last stop... ice cream.

It was a great time.