Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sights of County Fair

This week has been the Garfield County Fair and Rodeo.  We took Tracey to the youth rodeo Tuesday night and she participated in mutton bustin' (where she rode a sheep as long as she could until she fell off), and the calf scramble (where she chased calves trying to grab a ribbon off their tails).

Then, yesterday we watched the Country Fair Parade, which is one of the best parades in our little town (which has some great parades, I must say), and then went to some of the fair events.

All in all, it was a great time where we ran into a lot of friends and its just another reason we love living in such a great small town.

 Here is our time at the rodeo:

Here we are waiting for the parade to start:

And we we are enjoying the animals and activities at the county fair:

(I'm glad she's not afraid of sheep after her mutton bustin' adventure)

This was the twins' first time riding a horse... or in this case, a miniature horse 

A petting zoo... 

And fun at the butterfly house

Can you find the butterfly on my head?

Last stop... ice cream.

It was a great time.

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