Saturday, August 5, 2017

Belgian Horses

Hubby and I have started a Dave Ramsey study together which has been really cool for us to begin together.

I'm trying to remember this statistic accurately and if I get it a little wrong, I'm sorry to both the Dave Ramsey association and the Gary Smalley association.

Dave Ramsey said that Gary Smalley teaches, in his studies for married couples, that a Belgian horse when its harnessed to a wagon can pull 8,000 pounds.  
When two horses are harnessed together to a wagon... two horses that have never worked together before but simply are just hitched to the same wagon can pull 24,000 pounds.  
When those same two horses have been working together and training together, they can pull a total of 32,000 pounds, a load four times heavier than one can pull by himself.

Dave Ramsey (and, I imagine, Gary Smalley) use this analogy to inspire a married couple to understand what the two are capable of together when working as a team.

Those are statistics that I want to remember moving forward.


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