Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fashion Sense

I never was raised with siblings of my own age, who shared my same parents... and I know I've said that before, and I'll probably continue to say it in the coming months and years because I think watching my children and the fact that they are siblings is the coolest thing ever.

I love that they are raised by the same people, and they are alike in many ways, but then they have very specific distinct differences as well, and I am fascinated by watching them grow up together, but grown into their own person that God created them to be.

For example, I've never had a child who insisted on choosing her clothes or dressing herself.  In fact, we are just now helping Tracey learn how to dress herself, as a preschool milestone, and she's getting the hang of it and taking pride in her independence, but she has never challenged me on what outfit I choose for her to wear.

Then yesterday, little Miss Caroline apparently decided to get herself dressed and while I was changing diapers, cleaning up breakfast and dressing other children, she repeatedly slung her shirt, then skirt, then pants around her neck to get herself dressed.  Something tells me this fashion sense and independence is just beginning with this one.


Monday, February 20, 2017


This past weekend we all went to Hubby's middle school and watched some of the girls basketball tournament.

I brought the wagon because I wanted to make sure everyone stayed awake during our outing...

... and yes, Howard had that very focused, studious look on his face almost the entire time


Sunday, February 19, 2017

So True!

Now, I'm always on a personal quest to drink less soda pop... but nevertheless this remains so true!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good Night

Hubby and Tracey have been in St. Louis for the past week for Hubby's grandfather's funeral service.  It was such a shame we all weren't able to attend the service, celebrate his life, and honor this wonderful man in St. Louis, but the twins and I had to stay in Colorado.

Hubby and I have had many situations in our marriage where we have been different places and separated for various lengths of time.  We do not enjoy our time apart but we know how to endure it until we are together again.

This past trip there was one night where Hubby fell asleep before he and I had said good night to each other.  I did not realize until that night how much I need to say good night to my Hubby before I can fall asleep.

Now, he and I have endured different time zones, different schedules, different responsibilities, and more... but we always say good night.  Sometimes we say good night at 4:00 in the afternooon... but acknowledge that it is the last time we will talk to each other that day, and we say, "Good night."

That particular night, we did not say good night... and I tossed and turned until after 2 in the morning.

From now on, we need to say good night.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

I don't think Valentine's Day is all that important to maintaining a healthy marriage.  Now, that doesn't stop me from sending Valentine cards to my nieces and nephews, making Valentine cards with my children, and enjoying the fact that my parents and a sweet aunt send my children Valentine cards... and giving my Hubby a card.

That does not mean I think Valentine's Day is important to maintaining a healthy marriage.  Yesterday half of the day was over before I realized it was Valentine's Day.

What is important to maintaining a healthy marriage is that spouses take the time to romance each other, focus on each other, prioritize each other... take time away from the chaos of the children to say, "I still choose you, my Dear Valentine."

Now, that doesn't have to happen on Valentine's Day... in fact, it should happen many more days throughout the year besides Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is fun because its a break in the monotony of winter and stores get to sell pink candy -- a color missing from the candy they market at Halloween and Christmas.  Also, its nice that restaurants create special menus and become more romantic than usual in order to allow couples to be more romantic than usual.  That being said the two times that come to mine that Hubby and I went out to dinner on Valentine's Day, the restaurants were SO packed it took forever to get our food both times and we came home disappointed.

My favorite way to spend Valentine's Day is with my Hubby at home in front of a fire in the fireplace, watching a romantic movie of my choice, with a glass of wine and takeout Chinese food.  After we eat the Chinese takeout, we give each other foot rubs.  That is the perfect romantic Valentine's Day to me.

That is not how we spent Valentine's Day this year, in fact due to circumstances outside our control, I didn't see my Hubby all day... but that is fine.  Celebrating on Valentine's Day is not important to maintaining a healthy marriage... but we will have a romantic evening at some point in the near future.  We might have missed actual Valentine's Day, but we will romance each other, focus on each other, prioritize each other, take time away from the chaos of our wonderful children and say, "I still choose you, my Dear Valentine... even when its not Valentine's Day."