Monday, April 23, 2018

Addallee Marigold -- Six Months

Addallee Marigold is six months old -- so halfway to her year birthday.  She is my first October baby, so I will be the first to admit that I had no idea April was six months from October.  Not only are we six months from Addallee's first birthday -- we're six months from Halloween.  Wow, these years really do fly by now that I'm a mother.

Here she is at five months:

Here she is at four months...

and three months...

and two months...

and one month...

and as a sweet newborn.

And... for added fun.  Here are all four children at six months of age:

Oh... good question.  I have not stood on the scale with her.  A month or less ago, she was about 18 pounds so my guess would be that she's about 20 pounds now.

She's getting longer and taller all the time.  She can comfortably stand in her exersaucer and her 3-6 month old sleepers do not fit anymore.

Clothing size: 
Speaking of 3-6 month clothes, I'm trying to move it out of her drawers.  She wears a lot of 6 month clothes, but I'm also putting her in some 9 month clothes because most of the 6 month clothes I have from Caroline and Tracey are summer clothes and its not quite warm enough for Addallee to wear yet.  I hope they still fit her when the weather is warm enough.

She exclusively nurses but we give her spoons to chew on and play with at the table while the big kids eat.  She loves chewing on spoons, and as of today, we've officially given her a piece of celery to chew on, I gave her the tiniest little nibble of a strawberry at a birthday party yesteday, and she got her first spoonfuls of applesauce last night while the big kids had dinner.  So, we've officially introduced solid foods.

Earlier this month I disassembled her bassinet and put her in a pack and play to sleep to get her ready to sleep in a more spacious crib.  As of two nights ago, we started her sleeping in the nursery and it is going okay.  She's been up more times each night since I moved her to the pack and play, and crib... but hopefully this month she'll settle into a more restful routine.

New things/discoveries: 
  • She can manipulate her pacifier really well on her own
  • She can nearly sit up
  • She can scoot around on our hard wood floor like the hands of a clock when on her back or tummy
  • She can smack her lips
  • She's ridden in strollers for the first time

   New Accomplishments: 
  • She is playing on her tummy more and I set up more playpens around the house so she can get more tummy time without being at risk of her siblings hurting her accidentally.
  • She can nearly sit up -- or rather she can sit up for brief stints of time when surrounded by pillows.

  • Attention
  • Being around any activity
  • Exersaucer
  • Pacifiers
  • Nursing
  • Her siblings
  • Warm baths/showers
  • Being worn in a Moby wrap
  • Sitting up in the panda chair or bumpo chair 

  • Being hungry
  • Being cold 
  • Baby-sitters at bedtime -- I have now been called home twice from evenings out with Hubby to calm Addallee and put her to bed

  Places She's Gone:
  •  Competed in her first race -- Strut for Mutts 5k
  • To Colorado Springs
  • To Frozen on Ice in an Ana costume
  • To Casa Bonita in Denver
  • Easter Egg hunts
  • Swimming for the first time

Special Memories
  •  Her first Easter
  • Spending time outside as the weather gets warmer
  • Our trip to Colorado Springs
  • Her first road race
  • Trying solid foods for the first time
  • Watching her laugh at her siblings -- especially Tracey

  • Addallee Marigold (Tracey calls her this, which is adorable)
  • Lee Lee