Thursday, January 18, 2018


Yesterday morning Tracey came into our bedroom and I was awake with Addallee.  I asked her if Howard and Caroline were still asleep and she said they were... but I didn't really think that was correct.  I had seen that they were up on our monitor and I could hear some thumping.

They were not in their bedroom, or our bedroom, or in their old bedroom, or in the guestroom.  They had decided they wanted to start their day with a "baff" -- or bath.  They were sitting in the bathtub playing with toys left from their bath the night before.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Double Take

When you do 400 double-takes a day because your children keep putting baby dolls in real baby devices -- like bouncy seats, car seats, and bumbo chairs.



This is what an injury looked like yesterday...

Howard, our fearless boy hurt his ankle on our bounce house.

Papa, the doctor grandpa pediatrician was examining him.

Tracey, the caring big sister, was comforting Howard during the examination.

Caroline, the cautious twin sister, was a little nervous about the whole thing and needed comfort from Grammie while watching the examination.

Grammie, the loving overly-cautions Grandma who only raised a little girl needed comforting during this ordeal, so was more than happy to hold little Caroline during the examination.

** Note, Howard did probably twist his ankle and favored his other leg throughout the day, but we are confident that he will be fine and no further medical attention was necessary.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Rest of Our Life

I was really excited to watch the video for this song but I'll admit, the video isn't for me.  I do, however, love this song ... so maybe close your eyes while the video is playing and just enjoy the lyrics and music.

When I hear this song, I think about being married to my husband for 6-and-a-half years and still feeling like the same couple who walked down the aisle together on our wedding day.  Our lives have changed so much since then as we've built a life together, but I look at him, and he is still the man I married those years ago.  We are still that couple that could take on the world together.

Our responsibilities have changed, our bodies have changed, our hair has changed... many many things have changed, but not only is he still the man I married -- my husband, my protector, defender, other half, steadfast, handsome, adventurous man I pledged my life to... but he still makes me feel like his bride.  So many things about me have changed since our wedding day, but when I'm with him, I still feel like his bride, his side-kick, the one who takes care of him, the one who makes his house a home.  When he looks at me, I feel like he still seems me as his bride who walked down the aisle to him and he notices none of the ways time has changed me.  He seems to see none of the changes I notice over the past few years.  To him, I am still his young, beautiful, bride -- at least that's how he makes me feel.

I hear this song, and I look back at our marriage, and I think ahead of our future, and I understand that we'll stay young for the rest of our life.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Holding Hands

Yesterday on the way home from school, the twins started holding hands and then yelling, "Mama" in unison to get my attention to show me that they were holding hands.  It happened about 5 times and they thought it was so exciting.  I thought it was really adorable, but I don't know about their ganging up on me to yell my name in unison.


Friday, January 12, 2018

New Fave

I love it when I get a new favorite picture... like this one.