Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Images of Spring Break

This week has been so wonderful and so NEEDED if I'm going to go back for the last 8 weeks of school... and then 4 weeks of grad summer school... and then 6 weeks of summer grad school practicums...

I might write more details later, but for now, I just want to share pictures and maybe a few captions and leave it at that...

Vail Mountain...
I cannot believe I get to live, work and play here...

March Date Night Spring Break Style!

An amazing dinner at Micky's new home... I've heard Micky, Vail's Piano Man play my whole life...

Check out my ski stats for this week of Spring Break
(my one low day was when I wasn't skiing alone)

Easter Snow Bunnies on the Slope...

See the Ski Snow Bunnies behind me?  This was as close as I got to having my picture taken with them.

Chris and I need to start our family Vail picture collection...

One of these pictures will be on our wall soon.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Kind of Exercise

I've been watching various television series on Netflix this year.  I half pay attention to the show while I'm transcribing braille or exercising or doing grad school (although, I always end up pressing pause while I'm doing grad school and three hours later I haven't pushed play again yet...)  It seems to be my way of turning things I don't particularly like to do into more pleasant experiences.

Currently, I am finishing up Private Practice, which I never watched when it aired, but which I am FULLY addicted to and loving on reruns.

I'm currently watching the last season and I'm so bummed that it's ending.  Last night, I saw this clip about a character, Amelia, who is talking about ways she is putting her life back together... moved into a new place, etc.

This clip made me laugh SOOOO hard!! I hope you enjoy:

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Vail is...

Yesterday marked my arrival to Vail for this Spring Break stay and I am always overcome with memories and comfort when I arrive in Vail.

Vail is where I learned to ski.
Vail is where my Dad decided in 1974 he wanted to bring his family year after year.
Vail is where I cried as a baby and the neighbors began pounding on the wall for me to pipe down, and my Daddy pounded on the wall right back at them.
Vail is where my toy tug-boat got lost in the jacuzzi and was never seen again.
Vail is where I used to drink a Trent Special at lunch (orange Hi-C and Sprite)
Vail is a town that has changed immensely over my lifetime... from a tiny mountain town to a lavish 5-Star mountain destination.
Vail is where my cousin's ashes are scattered.
Vail is where I went for my first trip with girlfriends and no parents (Sr. year of high school spring break).
Vail is the place I first met my brother-in-law (my sister's husband) and where his ashes are scattered.
Vail is a place I frequently have legs like jello at the end of the day because I skied so hard on the mountain that day.
Vail is the place that I have out-lasted most of the staff here... many new hires over the years, but I am a constant.
Vail is the place my sister's ashes are scattered.
Vail is the place to where I have retreated to nurse a broken heart.
Vail is a beautiful amalgam of lots of great food, but lots of exercise every day, which makes it the best place on earth.
Vail is where I love to have fires every night and relax after a long day of skiing.
Vail is where I have come to hibernate with graduate school work and write research papers instead of skiing... but at least I was in Vail.
Vail is my favorite place to be for Easter because there is a sunrise service on the mountain.
Vail is where I cried many tears praying for God to bring me my husband...
Vail is the place where the man who would become my husband asked my parents for me hand in marriage...
And Vail is where my husband proposed to me.
Vail is a place that my hubby and I considered for our honeymoon.
Vail is where my husband and I can retreat from the world every year and have a spring break honeymoon.
Vail is the place my hubby and I lived (briefly) when we were first married and had just arrived back in Colorado.  We were trying to find a house to rent near Chris' new job and, for that week, Vail was home.
Vail is a place I hope my children can grow up visiting.
Vail is a place I hope to teach my children to ski.
Vail is a place I hope my children can have the solace and memories I have.
Vail is my favorite place in the world.


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh, Family...

I love my family and I don't see any family members but my parents with any degree of regularity.  Interesting, then, that five family members would come to my neck of the woods within the same five-day period, and the week before my Spring Break.  My Uncle and Aunt, Cousin and Cousin-In-Law, and my Brother and his friend all came to Vail the same week.  Yikes!

Here are some fun pictures of last week as I juggled time with family and life the week before spring break:

Skiing with my cousin, Elizabeth.  We have both been on skis since we could walk and we are VERY comparable skiers.  We had a BLAST skiing together.

This year is Vail's 50th Anniversary and all of the mountain-top pictures have the Vail logo with the 50th Anniversary stamp on it.  We had some fun taking pictures on the top of the mountain.

My Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and her husband came to see my home and spent the night last Thursday and we gave my 83-year-old Uncle a lesson about facebook.  I took the below picture on my phone and then we uploaded the picture to facebook and he couldn't believe how fast the picture was taken, then posted, then liked by people he knew.  It was pretty entertaining.

Relaxing after dinner.

Everyone got a lesson in how someone produces Braille -- with a Braille writer.

My cousin, Elizabeth!

This is my brother... What?  You can't see the resemblance?  I have no idea why...

Is this picture a little better?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chinese or Sonic?


I cannot remember when I have been so excited for, and so in need of a Spring Break.

The combination of 1000 miles/week, 4:30am alarms 4 mornings/week, 45ish hours of work/week plus another 10 hours/week transcribing braille, 17 students across 5 school districts, graduate school, summer practicum placement research, baby showers, family visits, animals requiring attention, and a husband whose schedule is more packed than mine, I am at my breaking point...
My SPRING breaking point!!!!  :-D

Okay, that was a really dumb joke, but I am so slap-happy right now, I can't help it!

Last night, as I basked in the relief that is the Friday night that break starts, I asked myself what I wanted to eat to celebrate, Chinese or Sonic?  (I chose Sonic, because there is no Sonic where I'm going for Spring Break, but there is Chinese, so that would be an option later in the week.)

As I was answering this question, Chinese or Sonic?, I was overjoyed at the realization of the TRIVIAL decisions I get to make this week.  My ENTIRE nine days will be full of TRIVIAL, FUN, NO-STRESS decisions.

I saw this picture on the WICKED facebook page (if you don't know the music of WICKED, you REALLY need to change that!!!) and the picture perfectly captured how I feel about my week of easy stress-free decisions!!!

This week might include major thinking on issues like:

Chinese or Sonic?
Movie or TV?
Skiing the Front of the Vail Mountain or the Vail Back Bowls?
Skiing playlist or Running playlist?
Chili or Pizza?
Take Lloyd to the Park or the River?
Nap Now or Later?
Wine or Beer?
Real clothes or Comfy clothes?
Pool or Hot Tub?
Bath or Shower?
 Hiking or Snow-shoeing?
March Madness Basketball or Nick at Night Reruns?
Keystone for Night Skiing or Beaver Creek for some Skiing Variety?
Sleep late and ski in the afternoon or Ski early and take an afternoon nap?
Dancing with Lloyd to P!nk (Raise Your Glass) or to DJ Khaled (All I Do Is Win)?
Singing at the Top of my Lungs or Normal?
Surfing Pintrest or Watching Music Clips?

... Unlimited!

I know life will not always be this easy... someday we will have children and our life will not become stress-free when we're not at work, but right now, I am SOOOO grateful for our honeymoon, pets but not kids stage of life!

Thank you, Lord, for this time away from work.
I really need it if I'm going to continue working as hard as I do.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters: SPRING BREAK!

  • Dear Friday, FINALLY YOU ARE HERE!!!!
  • Dear Spring Break, I love you!  You are such a necessity to break up the school year and keep me a pleasant person and effective teacher.
  • Dear Family, Maybe, in the future you could look into spreading your visits out AND arranging a time to visit when both Hubby and I are here?!?!  Just a suggestion.  Hubby left last night to fly to St. Louis, the same night that my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and Cousin-in-law came to stay the night... and my brother arrived in Vail last night as well.  So, my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Cousin-in-Law, and brother are all overlapping their visits and they are all in town when my husband is out of town.  GREAT timing, guys... really just, peachy.
  • Dear House, The best way to make sure you are clean heading into a break is to have company spend the night the night before break... You're beautiful right now!
  • Dear Family, Despite the crazy timing, I'm glad you've come to visit.
  • Dear Hubby, Have a wonderful time in St. Louis at your grandpa's 90th birthday.  Give everyone my love and HURRY BACK TO ME.  I miss you like crazy!!!
  • Dear Vail, I AM ON MY WAY!  Yes, I am coming to you very soon!  I look forward to my time with you throughout the entire year.
  • Dear Spring Break, I have work to do during my time with you... please let it come easily and quickly.
  • Dear Grad School, Let's finish up, shall we?
  • Dear Grad School Professors, Let's answer emails, shall we?  Or, if you're going to be out of your office for a prolonged period of time, let's set an auto-reply so that students will know not to expect a response.
  • Dear Work Email, I CANNOT WAIT to post my auto-reply tomorrow afternoon that says I am away from my office for the next nine days.  I will respond when I return.
  • Dear Spring Break, Say it with me: skiing, hot tubbing, working out at the gym, complimentary breakfasts, fires in the fireplace, movies, sleeping in, magazines, sweat pants, relaxing!
The next time I write, I will officially BE ON SPRING BREAK!!!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Smile This Week

This week so much has been going on... its the last sprint before the break, and sometimes I wonder if the time off is worth it given all the work that goes into taking time off... it always is, but this week I've been swamped.

That being said, amidst the stress, last night, this video brought not only a smile, but joyful tears to my eyes.

This is from a Josh Groban concert when he goes into the audience and mingles with fans.

What a beautiful duet.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Counting Down...

I don't like to live my life in a state of counting down... but some seasons are harder than others.

When I say "a state of counting down," I mean when I'm excited for something and so I live each day counting down to the event I'm excited about.  I want to be one who treasures the present.  I want to enjoy this season of marriage -- not counting down until we have children.  I want to enjoy this season of the year -- spring with one quarter of the school year still ahead.

Unfortunately, this week is the week before spring break and ALL I can think about is wanting spring break to have arrived 5 minutes ago.

Usually I have a list of things I am excited to do over Spring Break... and if I think really hard, I'm sure I could come up with one, but this year, I am just SO excited to SIT STILL. 
To wear comfortable clothes and not move, not drive, not transcribe braille, not answer emails, not set an alarm, not work!!!

I'm getting giddy just thinking about it... a week to relax.

Each school year, in the middle of February, I start feeling ready for spring break.  I start to get really tired and the early phases of burn-out.  Well, if I thought I was ready for Spring Break in mid-February, six weeks later I am more-than ready, over-cooked, burnt to a crisp and completely burnt-out.

Now, I'm just three days away, THREE DAYS AWAY from nine days of freedom.

I am counting down.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TurboFire and Father Abraham

Yesterday I started a new workout routine called TurboFire.
It's something else, let me tell you.

Do you remember the "Father Abraham" song as a kid... "Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham. (Several variations here...) I am one of them, and so are you. All we do is go like this..." and then you start with waving your right arm, then your right and left arms... then your left foot, and both feet, and more and more and more body parts are moving. And of course, its even worse when you're still a kid and still learning how to control these different body parts anyway... 

This is a very similar experience to the Turbo Fire "Starter Class". I would have been rolling on the floor laughing at my lack of coordination had I not been so out of breath from the workout. But, as Chelean (the instructor) said in the end of the video... I may have felt awkward doing some of these moves, but just trying to do them and moving burns calories. :-D 

A part of me is LOVING this workout... and another part of me is wondering what I've gotten myself into...

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Selbig Baby Shower

Saturday Chris and I hosted a baby shower for our friends, Jon and Chelsea.  They are expecting a baby girl in May and we're so excited for them.

The shower was a lot of fun and went really smoothly.  I went with the colors pink and yellow and served brunch food because the shower started at 10:30am.  It was held at Jon and Chelsea's church because it was more convenient for Jon, Chelsea and guests.  It was a little overwhelming to see the big, open space Friday night... but Hubby and I worked together and the place looked party-ready in no time.

Here were some of my favorite crafty, creative, decorative parts of the shower.

The food was delicious... bacon wraps, fruit salad, mini-quiche, fruit ka-bobs, blueberry salad and mini-muffins

A game I invented... Name Those Parents

Each of these children are either Jon and Chelsea's, Jon and a Celebrity's, or Chelsea and a Celebrity's... Name Those Parents!
The prize table, and the flowers -- white flowers in Mason jars with lemon slices in the water

All of the prizes from the games were for the baby!

Here are some pictures from the shower...

The Little Mother
Lots of gifts!
Guests playing games
These three cuties tagged along with their moms, and they were so well-behaved
A onesie that says "Seriously Cute"
A summer hat for the baby... but it looks pretty good on Jon.
Laughing because, while joking about losing baby socks... they lost a sock while unwrapping this present.
Chris captured some fun faces...
My hubby gave Jon a pink camo jumper we found at Cabela's.  This little girl will be a hunter just like her Daddy.
A bathtub fishing set for Captain Jon's little fisher girl (Jon's a fisherman)
Cute onesies
An exercise jumper... and Jon looking really overwhelmed by the whole thing.  :-D

We're so happy for the Selbigs and excited to meet our new little friend soon.

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