Monday, March 18, 2013

Selbig Baby Shower

Saturday Chris and I hosted a baby shower for our friends, Jon and Chelsea.  They are expecting a baby girl in May and we're so excited for them.

The shower was a lot of fun and went really smoothly.  I went with the colors pink and yellow and served brunch food because the shower started at 10:30am.  It was held at Jon and Chelsea's church because it was more convenient for Jon, Chelsea and guests.  It was a little overwhelming to see the big, open space Friday night... but Hubby and I worked together and the place looked party-ready in no time.

Here were some of my favorite crafty, creative, decorative parts of the shower.

The food was delicious... bacon wraps, fruit salad, mini-quiche, fruit ka-bobs, blueberry salad and mini-muffins

A game I invented... Name Those Parents

Each of these children are either Jon and Chelsea's, Jon and a Celebrity's, or Chelsea and a Celebrity's... Name Those Parents!
The prize table, and the flowers -- white flowers in Mason jars with lemon slices in the water

All of the prizes from the games were for the baby!

Here are some pictures from the shower...

The Little Mother
Lots of gifts!
Guests playing games
These three cuties tagged along with their moms, and they were so well-behaved
A onesie that says "Seriously Cute"
A summer hat for the baby... but it looks pretty good on Jon.
Laughing because, while joking about losing baby socks... they lost a sock while unwrapping this present.
Chris captured some fun faces...
My hubby gave Jon a pink camo jumper we found at Cabela's.  This little girl will be a hunter just like her Daddy.
A bathtub fishing set for Captain Jon's little fisher girl (Jon's a fisherman)
Cute onesies
An exercise jumper... and Jon looking really overwhelmed by the whole thing.  :-D

We're so happy for the Selbigs and excited to meet our new little friend soon.

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  1. The shower looked great and like a lot of fun! You did a great job! I am sure they greatly appreciated it.


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