Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yesterday things felt off-kilter. 
In my marriage, with my amazing hubby, the man I love and cherish and to whom I've pledged my life, things felt off-kilter.

I think we were both so exhausted, and so relieved that it was Friday, that we just didn't relate well to each other after work.  We weren't in a fight, we didn't have an argument, we just didn't relate well, for no detectable reason.  It's pretty abnormal for us.

It felt like one of those days at work that nothing goes right...
One of those days when you notice a strange sound coming from your car...
One of those days when you're in a lousy mood for absolutely no reason...
... Things just felt off-kilter, abnormal, out-of-sorts.

That being said, I love our marriage.

I love that God's mercies are new every morning, and after a good night's sleep, we will both be ready to wake up tomorrow and start fresh and make sure we're back on-kilter as soon as possible.

I love that we both have faith in our marriage and we know that just because things were off-kilter last night, neither of us is going anywhere.  We are fully committed to each other and our marriage, but every day cannot be a perfect day.  There will be good days and there will be bad days, and we are committed to seeing each other, and our marriage through those bad days.

I don't love our bad days, but I do love that our marriage is strong enough to weather the weird bad days when nothing is wrong, but things are off-kilter.  I love that every storm makes us stronger, and that we can give each other space on an off-kilter evening, and still fall asleep in each others' arms and look forward to waking up to a fresh start the next morning.

I love you, Hubby.  Always.

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