Monday, March 4, 2013

Lexie's Help

My sweet Lexie loves to help me with anything she can.
She helps me with the laundry (she loves to curl up in clean, warm clothes - especially sheets), with the dishes (she plays with the water at the sink), with vacuuming (she loves to watch and laugh at Lloyd being scared), with showering (she hides behind the shower curtain and bats her paws at the water), and, most recently, with graduate school.  She used to simply sit on my lap, or up on my shoulder while I worked, but this weekend, she took her help to a new level... she added a comment to my O&M Assessment.

I had the O&M Assessment open on my computer.  Lexie jumped up and laid across my keyboard... then when I removed her, she had left a comment.  I guess she had some suggestions as to how I could improve my paper.

I will say, my kitty's comments were better and nicer than any my professor offered.  :-D

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