Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters: SPRING BREAK!

  • Dear Friday, FINALLY YOU ARE HERE!!!!
  • Dear Spring Break, I love you!  You are such a necessity to break up the school year and keep me a pleasant person and effective teacher.
  • Dear Family, Maybe, in the future you could look into spreading your visits out AND arranging a time to visit when both Hubby and I are here?!?!  Just a suggestion.  Hubby left last night to fly to St. Louis, the same night that my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and Cousin-in-law came to stay the night... and my brother arrived in Vail last night as well.  So, my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Cousin-in-Law, and brother are all overlapping their visits and they are all in town when my husband is out of town.  GREAT timing, guys... really just, peachy.
  • Dear House, The best way to make sure you are clean heading into a break is to have company spend the night the night before break... You're beautiful right now!
  • Dear Family, Despite the crazy timing, I'm glad you've come to visit.
  • Dear Hubby, Have a wonderful time in St. Louis at your grandpa's 90th birthday.  Give everyone my love and HURRY BACK TO ME.  I miss you like crazy!!!
  • Dear Vail, I AM ON MY WAY!  Yes, I am coming to you very soon!  I look forward to my time with you throughout the entire year.
  • Dear Spring Break, I have work to do during my time with you... please let it come easily and quickly.
  • Dear Grad School, Let's finish up, shall we?
  • Dear Grad School Professors, Let's answer emails, shall we?  Or, if you're going to be out of your office for a prolonged period of time, let's set an auto-reply so that students will know not to expect a response.
  • Dear Work Email, I CANNOT WAIT to post my auto-reply tomorrow afternoon that says I am away from my office for the next nine days.  I will respond when I return.
  • Dear Spring Break, Say it with me: skiing, hot tubbing, working out at the gym, complimentary breakfasts, fires in the fireplace, movies, sleeping in, magazines, sweat pants, relaxing!
The next time I write, I will officially BE ON SPRING BREAK!!!
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  1. Great letters! Stopping by from Friday's Letters! Happy weekend!


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