Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pros and Cons of Major Cleaning

I have found there are Pros and Cons to majorly cleaning my house.
When I say "majorly cleaning", this means SOMEONE IS COMING.
This is not a little spruce, a weekly vacuum, a straighten here and there...

I need to have people over every few months because that is when I REALLY clean.
The bathroom is COMPLETELY cleaned (my hubby does that, THANK YOU, LORD!).
ALL the paperwork that piles itself on my desk gets filed.
The rooms get vacuumed, dusted, straightened, lysol-ed, picked up, washed.
The linens get washed, dish towels are traded for clean ones, bath towels get washed.
Our kitchen gets cleaned -- twice.  Cleaned and SCRUBBED.
Trash gets taken on out in the middle of the week, not just on trash day.


There are Pros and Cons to this kind of major clean.

  • Our house smells great!
  • Our house looks amazing!
  • I am proud to have people in our home when it is this clean
  • I'm sure is health is better when our home is disinfected
  • Sometimes I find something I've been looking for
  • Our dining room table looks so beautiful, nice and cleared and clean.. it is usually full of graduate school books, a large braille embosser, computers, mail, work materials, braille materials -- you name it, it winds up on the dining room table
  • Our sparkling kitchen
  • Enjoying our family room, bathroom and kitchen for a few days after the event for which I cleaned
  • Feeling like a good wife and animal mama because my family is living in a beautiful, clean environment
  • Feeling like an adult because my house is clean and ready for company
  • It is SO nice to relax in a clean house after a day of cleaning, and even NICER to relax in a clean house after the company goes home!

  • Something gets lost -- when I organize everything, suddenly, I can't find anything
  • It doesn't last -- the pet hair NEVER ENDS
  • Those hours when the kitchen and bathroom sinks are clean and you don't want to wash your hands because then you'll have to clean the sink again.
  • Getting mad at Lexie and Lloyd because they jumped on/messed up something I JUST cleaned 
  • Having to hide my work bags and Lloyd's dog bed in my closet because I don't feel like I can put them anywhere else
  • My really tired feet after cleaning all day
  • The feeling like I need to shower because I've been cleaning all day... and the shower and bathroom have already been cleaned.
  • A perfectly clean home and spotless kitchen really doesn't depict our home or our life... its a complete lie.
Well, the Pros have it... guess I'll keep up the major cleaning before company arrives.  That being said, please understand, at MINIMUM of 24 hours notice is required before you show up for a visit.  PLEASE give me 24 hours to do some major cleaning.  BELIEVE ME, you WANT to give me that 24 hours!  :-D

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  1. Ha! Ha! I hear ya! Just wait until you have kids. At least a 48 hour notice is needed :)

  2. I’m glad that you’re able to take advantage of professional cleaners! I have them over once a month or once every two months as well. I try to make things easier for them by cleaning up an area or two every week, so that dirt doesn’t accumulate heavily. Maintenance is always easier anyway. Still, it’s such a relief when the cleaners come over to really give the house a good bath!


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