Monday, March 11, 2013

Culture Clash

I often joke about not really fitting in to Rifle... but its not a joke.  I really do not fit in to Rifle.

In many ways, I don't think I fit in to Colorado in general.  It has helped that I married a hunter, gunman, and fisherman... but Colorado is a laid back place, and I'm not a laid back person.

I don't want to fit on the East Coast, but the wardrobe, the schedule, and the courtesy is very appealing to me.  Maybe I fit best in the South, but the heat and humidity sends me running for the hills.  The Midwest is nice... a little more relaxed than the East, but more courteous and cultured than the West.  Maybe the Midwest my answer.

I attended Washington and Lee University (W&L) for undergrad, and Vanderbilt University for graduate school.  At both of these places, students wear coat and tie (and female equivalent) to football games.  I am still wondering if anyone is Rifle OWNS a coat and tie!?!?

Oscar Wilde said,
"You Can Never Be Overdressed or Over Educated."
It is kind of the unofficial motto of W&L, and I LOVE it! 
It is definitely NOT the motto of Colorado.

My Dad always said,
"By dressing up, you bring dignity to the occasion."
The opposite of that is, if you don't dress up, you don't think the occasion is worth your nicer clothes.

Last fall, I threw a baby shower for a friend and I had SEVERAL people show up (to the sit-down lunch) who did not RSVP (like 5 people!).  And just about every guest came in jeans.  This is just not my world.
I know these woman meant no offense by dressing in jeans and I'm sure the whole RSVP thing just slipped their minds... but I just DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS WORLD!

  • Where I come from, people RSVP to a party/shower/event because they know the person hosting is trying to plan for the appropriate number of guests.
  • Where I come from, people dress nicely for showers.  We're celebrating the mother-to-be (or bride-to-be)... is it so much to ask that you come in something other than jeans?
  • Where I come from, people can wear pearls with any outfit.
  • Where I come from, you either wear a sundress, or team apparel to a football game
  • Where I come from, you dress professionally (no jeans, no khakis) to go to work.
  • Where I come from, you dress nicer for church than the clothes you wear to work... so whatever you wear to work, you wear something nicer to church.
  • Where I come from, stores sell Place Cards because people actually use them at parties.
  • Where I come, posting a blog about my standard for manners is probably considered impolite... but what can I say, I've been in Colorado for awhile now.  I guess my manners are suffering.

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  1. Thank you. Couldn't agree more.


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