Monday, March 25, 2013

Vail is...

Yesterday marked my arrival to Vail for this Spring Break stay and I am always overcome with memories and comfort when I arrive in Vail.

Vail is where I learned to ski.
Vail is where my Dad decided in 1974 he wanted to bring his family year after year.
Vail is where I cried as a baby and the neighbors began pounding on the wall for me to pipe down, and my Daddy pounded on the wall right back at them.
Vail is where my toy tug-boat got lost in the jacuzzi and was never seen again.
Vail is where I used to drink a Trent Special at lunch (orange Hi-C and Sprite)
Vail is a town that has changed immensely over my lifetime... from a tiny mountain town to a lavish 5-Star mountain destination.
Vail is where my cousin's ashes are scattered.
Vail is where I went for my first trip with girlfriends and no parents (Sr. year of high school spring break).
Vail is the place I first met my brother-in-law (my sister's husband) and where his ashes are scattered.
Vail is a place I frequently have legs like jello at the end of the day because I skied so hard on the mountain that day.
Vail is the place that I have out-lasted most of the staff here... many new hires over the years, but I am a constant.
Vail is the place my sister's ashes are scattered.
Vail is the place to where I have retreated to nurse a broken heart.
Vail is a beautiful amalgam of lots of great food, but lots of exercise every day, which makes it the best place on earth.
Vail is where I love to have fires every night and relax after a long day of skiing.
Vail is where I have come to hibernate with graduate school work and write research papers instead of skiing... but at least I was in Vail.
Vail is my favorite place to be for Easter because there is a sunrise service on the mountain.
Vail is where I cried many tears praying for God to bring me my husband...
Vail is the place where the man who would become my husband asked my parents for me hand in marriage...
And Vail is where my husband proposed to me.
Vail is a place that my hubby and I considered for our honeymoon.
Vail is where my husband and I can retreat from the world every year and have a spring break honeymoon.
Vail is the place my hubby and I lived (briefly) when we were first married and had just arrived back in Colorado.  We were trying to find a house to rent near Chris' new job and, for that week, Vail was home.
Vail is a place I hope my children can grow up visiting.
Vail is a place I hope to teach my children to ski.
Vail is a place I hope my children can have the solace and memories I have.
Vail is my favorite place in the world.


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