Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Letters: Welcome March

  • Dear Friday, You sure have taken your sweet time in getting here.  Thank you for FINALLY arriving.
  • Dear March, I'm actually ready for you this year.  It has been years since I have not entered your month, March with dread.  You have always been a tough month, and I'm not saying this year will not be a tough month, but, to be honest, this year I have SOOOO much going during your month, March, and I'm just ready to get going.  My March calendar is PACKED and CRAZY, and I'm READY to flip the calendar and get started.  My To-Do list for March is REALLY long, and I'm ready to begin.
  • Dear Biggest Loser, I always watch you later in the week, and I finally watched this week's episode last night.  The whole "face your fears" episode had me not liking the show as much as I usually do.  I usually wish there was a Biggest Loser Ranch for non-morbidly obese people -- like Biggest Loser Boot Camp for an average-sized woman who wants to challenge herself; however, last night's episode does not have me wishing to move to the ranch.  This week's episode had the contestants face their biggest fear, which would have me holding a spider or a snake, or a burning building.  NO THANK YOU!
  • Dear Ipad, I like that I've been given you to work with with my students.  That being said, I really wish I had more time to explore your features and become comfortable and knowledgeable with how in the world you work.
  • Dear Graduate School, I feel like your logistics are much harder than your academic work.  Please stop challenging me on logistics and start challenging me on academics and skills.
  • Dear March, Wow... you really do start today.  Okey-dokey.
  • Dear Hubby, I have missed you this week.  Between last weekend gun class, and my feeling sick, and your grad school, and my grad school, and your technology nights, I have really missed you.  I am SOOO excited for a weekend where we aren't going anywhere, we don't have a Saturday program to attend, and we can spend time together (even if we are both still doing work and grad school)
  • Dear Lloyd-ey, I love you to pieces, Puppy.  You are just the sweetest thing, and I love coming home to you.  I also love how much you protect us, and especially me when Hubby is not home.  You're such a good boy only barking and growling when you hear something worth barking and growling about.
  • Dear Lexie, You are my sweet girl and I love that when I come home and you cuddle and purr on my shoulders.  And I love to wake up and find that you are cuddled and sleeping next to me.
  • Dear Special Vacation in December 2013, You are my light at the end of the tunnel of this very hard and demanding 2013 year and I'm still processing the fact that we've actually booked you.  I'm sure I will talk about you on this blog quite a bit, but right now, I'm still letting you sink in.
  • Dear Friday Letters, I think I have less to say when I write you every week.  This week I feel like I'm talking too much.

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