Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Exactly What He Says

Ladies, WITHOUT prompting, ask your husband/boyfriend these questions and write EXACTLY what he says. The outcome can be hilarious! 
...And I wrote EXACTLY what he said. Enjoy.

1.What is something I always say? 

2.What makes me happy? 
Still trying to figure that out... candy?

3.What makes me sad? 
Not having candy.  Kids not happy.  Kids crying.

4.How tall am I? 

5.What's my favorite thing to do? 
Watch Gilmore Girls

6.What do I do when you're not around? 
I don't know, I'm not here to see it.

7.If I become famous, what will it be for? 
Your blog

8.What makes you proud of me? 
How organized you are and how loving you are

9.What is my favorite food? 
Candy... sugar

10. What is my favorite restaurant? 
Let's see... Papa John's

11.Where is my favorite place to visit? 
Um, the residence formerly known as Sanden Manor... my mom (breaks out laughing), Vail Condo

12.If I could go anywhere, where would it be? 

13.How do I annoy you? 
Talking too much

14.What is my favorite movie? 
Anything sappy, black and white, or musical

15.Who is my favorite celebrity? 
I don't know... who do you think?
Brooke - Probably a reality star
Oh, yeah, that would be it... the Outdaughtered Mom.

16.You get a phone call that I am in trouble who am I in trouble with? 
My mom

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Is About Right...

I read this recently on a twin parenting facebook page, and it's really about right...


Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Images

What a wonderful few days we have had, off from work, as a family celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday.

A few note-worthy parts included:
  • My parents staying with us for a few days
  • Friends (and my parents) coming to our Thanksgiving dinner 
  • Participating in a Turkey Trot 5K race on Thanksgiving morning
  • Hubby camping out for a Black Friday sale - don't ask me why as I have no idea
  • Attending the Hotel Colorado Christmas Tree lighting, complete with meeting Santa Claus
  • Watching college football - we won't even discuss the Michigan v. Ohio State game
  • Hubby and me attending a wedding without children
  • Ordering our Christmas cards
  • Enjoying the first snow of the season cozy at home with our little family
 Here are some pictures of the fun:

 (Tracey took this picture)

 Let the most wonderful time of the year begin...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Winter Premiers

So, I can probably count on one hand... scratch that...
I can probably count on two... maybe one finger the number of movies I have eagerly anticipated for release in theaters.

Most of the time if Hubby and I talk about seeing a movie, the conversation goes like this,

Hubby:  Let's go see a movie.
Me:  What movie?
Hubby:  Any movie.
Me:  No.  Choose a movie and then I'll decide if a want to go.
Hubby:  No.  Let's decide to go to a movie, and then we'll decide which one.
Me:  I'm not going to pay $20 or more to sit through a lousy movie just to see it on a big screen.
and then we do something else...

 So, that being said... it is a really big deal for me that there are two Netflix series that are premiering this week that I am SO excited about -- 
The Gilmore Girls Sequel and Fuller House 2. 

Gilmore Girls actually came out last Friday, and I've been watching it a few minutes at a time to try to create a million short episodes instead of the actual 4 episodes.  I am LOVING it so far...

Then, Fuller House comes out in about a week, and it is full of Holiday Episodes.  I am So excited!

 I'm not sure what it means that two Netflix series premier is so exciting for me... but I'm going to not focus on that and instead focus on the joy of the premiers, and the fact that in a land of Caillou and Mickey Mouse... I am excited about a few minutes a day with Lorelei, Rory, DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie.

I hope you're enjoying the as well... and don't tell me how Gilmore GIrls ends!
No spoilers, please! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Today is a big day... Michigan v. Ohio State.
Michigan has not won this game since the first year Hubby and I were married... and we're really hoping they win today.



Friday, November 25, 2016