Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Images of Halloween

Our Halloween didn't quite go according to plan, but we were able to take three children properly costumed around our neighborhood for some Trick-or-Treating, so I guess that is what counts.  Thankfully, when it came time to dress up, Tracey was completely excited about being a doctor, so we didn't have to try to squeeze her into the pumpkin outfit and make Howard be a football player (which was our Plan B if needed).

Our household has been under the weather, but the kiddos seem to be on the up-swing and I am the one still sick.  I actually had to call Hubby home from work while I went to the doctor... but I'm officially on anti-biotics now, and Hubby is staying home another day to make sure I get the rest I need... so hopefully we all will be healthy soon.

In in the meantime, if anyone has recommendations for improving a family's immune system, I am all ears!

Here are some images of our Halloween fun:


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