Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I wish I had an adorable picture of my joyful children in their costumes smiling at the camera to share today... 
but I don't.  
I have a few pictures of unhappy children in their costumes who are distracted and grumpy.

So... Happy Halloween.

Hopefully after Trick-Or-Treating, I will have a better picture, although no one warned me about the hazards of dressing siblings in costumes.  I dressed everyone up on Friday in the hopes of getting a cute picture, and as a trial run to see how all the costumes were working.

I dressed Caroline as a strawberry... 
and then Tracey informed me that she wanted to be a strawberry. 

I dressed Howard as a pumpkin...
and then Tracey informed me that she wanted to be a pumpkin.

Then I asked Tracey which of her three options she wanted to be -- Minnie Mouse, a Doctor, or Princess Anna...
she then informed me she wanted to be first a strawberry, then a pumpkin.

... So there's no telling what costumes my children will be wearing tonight... but next year, they are all going as the same thing.

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