Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Favorite Things About October

If I had to choose a favorite month, I would have a hard time -- 
May is awesome because its spring and the end of the school year, 
July is awesome because its summer and Hubby and I have the whole month off to spend with family
December is awesome because its winter and the entire month is full building up to Christmas and full of seasonal activities
... and October is awesome because its fall and I simply love October.

My favorite things about October include:

  • College football season is in full swing, but not at the end yet -- every game counts, every week can change a season, teams are firing on all cylinders and the whole month is very exciting (GO MICHIGAN!)
  • Baseball is still going on -- playoff season, which is pretty much all of baseball I really pay attention to (sort of like the only basketball I watch is March Madness) -- I'm married to Hubby now, so I do see baseball throughout the summer, but ever since college, I do pay attention to post-season October baseball even without Hubby's influence (GO CARDINALS!)
  • Colorado is GORGEOUS in October!  The colors are amazing, the temperatures drop, the snow starts to tease us with its eminent arrival, but full winter isn't here yet
  • School is in a routine -- whether its a good one or not is debatable, but by October school and work has a routine and I take comfort in that
  • October starts the Holiday season in my mind -- I start thinking about Christmas presents (so not all shopping is done in December), we're preparing for Halloween, I'm getting pictures in line for our Christmas cards... but the whole Holiday season is still ahead of us.  I feel like the anticipation of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all begins in October and I love!  That doesn't mean we're decorating our tree in mid-October or anything like that... but the Holidays are right around the corner and October is full of anticipation and planning, which is really exciting.
I don't really make seasonal bucket lists for our family... but if I did, my October bucket list for us would be:
  • To play in a pile of leaves with my kids
  • To take them to a pumpkin patch, dressed in their costumes, and pick out pumpkins and take pictures
  • To take them Trick-Or-Treating
  • To attend a middle (and maybe high school) football game
  • To go for a family hike to see the pretty leaves
  • To take as many moments as possible to look around and cherish the beauty of where I live
  • To take nice big deep breaths and cherish that the air "tastes like fall" -- if that's even possible... but it does
I Love October and welcome it with open arms.
Thank you, Lord for October.

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