Monday, October 17, 2016


I really like surprises... except, I have recently learned that I really don't like surprises.

Yeah, I know, its complicated.

Surprises are so much fun... but I don't keep secrets from my husband or my mom, so when my mother-in-law has the idea in August to surprise my husband in October, I had ten LONG weeks of keeping a secret from him, which was not fun at all.

Then, Hubby and I were planning a surprise birthday present for his mom (which Hubby didn't know we were going to give her in person in October).  So, when I talked to Hubby, I couldn't mention that we were going to see his parents and give her the gift in person... and when I talked to his mom, I couldn't mention the birthday present.

It doesn't sound that complicated... but it was INCREDIBLY difficult to keep the secrets.

So, I had to get my family to the Children's Museum in Denver at a certain time where his parents were going to surprise.  Little did I know, they were also bringing our oldest niece, to have fun with her Colorado cousins.  Then, once we got to our hotel in Colorado Springs, his two aunts were waiting there for us.  It was  multi-stepped surprise.

Below is a video of when we surprised Chris at the museum...  You can literally see Zivah walk up to Tracey, and Tracey sort of backs up wondering why this girl was so close to her.  I was taking the video, and I never noticed that the girl was Zivah because I was preoccupied with Hubby noticing his parents had arrived. 

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