Monday, October 3, 2016

Family Fun Binge

Hubby has been working like crazy since about last April on graduate school with the goal of being completely done with his Masters degree by October 31st.  He worked like crazy all spring, most of the summer, and this fall leading up to October.

Despite his extraordinary efforts and my being alone with the kids days upon days while he worked, he and I made the decision about ten days ago that it was not best for our family for him to continue with the October 31st deadline.  For the health, sanity and sake of our family we've pushed the goal of his earning his Masters degree to this Spring 2017.

All that to say, we have been on a family fun binge since making the decision to extend his graduate school completion deadline.

Almost every day since we've made the decision to take a breath from graduate school stress, Hubby has had some idea for family fun for our entire family.  This has been awesome -- except that some of us *ahem* still have work to do despite his breather from grad school deadlines.

That being said, we took a family fun day last weekend and went to a family fun park, and we spent Friday and Saturday of this weekend having fun as well -- walking in a Homecoming parade with Tracey's preschool, driving up to see the beautiful leaves changing colors, and fun fall pictures out in the woods.

We are officially on a family fun binge and we're in love with family life without graduate school -- what a celebration it will be this Spring when he is completely finished with this degree!!!

Here are some pictures from our recent adventures:

Tracey is in the go-cart with Chris, she's just really hard to see.

Preschool girls ready for the parade... I guess the town had a Batman v. Spudman contest and Tracey's school was on the Batman team, hence the masks.

The girls with their preschool teachers.

We were supposed to be representing Tracey's preschool... but our family was also sporting our Michigan pride with Michigan playing Wisconsin later that day. 

Fun family pictures with the fall colors... 

We were blessed with a free second-hand recliner from friends of ours... perfect timing for football games and Hubby's breather from grad school.

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