Monday, October 24, 2016

Our Life Right Now

Sometimes, our life right now is hilarious... and the fact that we still don't get a lot of sleep makes it even more hilarious.

Howard has discovered how much fun toilet paper is.

He can pull himself up and stand.  Then, he hangs on to the wall with one hand, and unrolls the toilet paper with the other hand.  Sometimes he laughs really hard, and sometimes he's really quiet (I think he's learned when he laughs, I find out what he's doing faster).

So, after we finished a roll of toilet paper in our bathroom, I didn't replace it.  I set a new roll of toilet paper next to the toilet, but left the empty roll on the dispencer so that Howard would stop wasting toilet paper.

Well, Tracey found the toilet paper next to the toilet, and decided that unrolling it made a really fun balance beam and so she created a path so she could walk from place to place balancing on the toilet paper trail.

To me, this is hilarious.  Messy and getting expensive... but hilarious.


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