Friday, October 14, 2016

I Plan For Illness

We are about to enjoy a weekend away as a family, and you would not believe the amount of stuff I pack for our family of five when we're gone for four days.  Its rediculous, expect it's not.

  • Outfits for each day
  • An extra outfit or two because messes happen
  • Pajamas for everyone
  • Warm clothes for everyone
  • Warmer clothes for everyone
  • Winter clothes for everyone -- because this is autumn in Colorado afterall
  • Special blankies for everyone
  • Specfic passies for everyone
  • This time I'm actually bringing towels because, with five people, between swimming at the hotel and bathing at the hotel, there is no way we are going to have enough dry towels on a regular basis
  • Strollers -- notice, that is plural
  • Sunhats
  • Winter hats
And oh, so much more.
But, what I find most interesting about packing for our family, is that now, I plan for illness.  Three years ago, I never would have considered packing for an illness I do not currently have -- but these little ones can get sick at the drop of a hat.
I pack the cold medicine and tools, for the sniffles that they do not currently have, the thermometer and Tylenol, for the fever they do not currently have, and even the eye drops for the pink eye they do not currently have.
Bleak as it is to plan for illness when packing for a fun trip, I'm not pessimistic, but a prepared who's tired of running to the pharmacy to buy things we have at home every time a little one catches a bug.

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