Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Secret Ballot

Our country is engaged in an historical presidential election today.

Have any presidential elections in my lifetime not been historic?  To the best of my memory, they all have been momentous in their own ways.

This particular presidential election has impressed upon me the true value of our country's secret ballot democratic voting process.  The candidate for whom I am voting is no one's business but my own.

This past winter and summer when both GOP and Democratic debates and primaries were occurring, some people asked me what my thoughts were on the election and which candidates I preferred.  Very early on I realized I had a coined answer to those questions.

My thoughts on the election were that my generation seems to be unable to respectfully disagree, and I am glad the election is secret ballot.  End of story.

In some cases, the other party would continue the conversation with various new developments or their thoughts on the election, but my part of the discussion was over.  I had nothing else to say.

All over facebook "friends" of mine have posted comments about how if anyone is voting for one or the other particular candidate, "you should just un-friend me right now!"  I wish people would stop thinking that way.  Why do you think all of your "friends" have to agree with you?

My life would be pretty boring, and my friends very limited if I only associated with people who think exactly like I do.

That's not to say that when I was younger and more foolish, I acted younger and more foolish.  A decade or more ago I had much more black and white views about how the world worked and probably thought all of my friends should only see things my way.  I guess time and life have helped me realize that friends are more valuable than their opinions on one policy.

Well, in an effort to keep as many friends as possible, I am incredibly grateful for our country's secret ballot voting.

God, please Bless America.  Please unite us and help us to love our friends, family members, and neighbors regardless of for whom they are voting.  Please remind us that our different opinions as a nation is what makes us so great -- that we don't all think the same way is a strength.  And, please, Lord, look favorably upon our government and nation today, and every day, until Your Perfect Return.

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