Tuesday, November 15, 2016

10 On 10

I actually took 10 pictures on the 10th of the month this month... not exactly 10 pictures throughout my day... but 10 pictures nonetheless.

Here they are:

When Caroline is asleep and Howard is awake, he has a tendency to try to wake her up.

Everyone is excited to greet Daddy when he comes home. 

Tracey took this picture of us.

Tracey was having fun with pictures...

So that led to some family selfies, which doesn't happen very often. 

I guess horizontal wasn't a better picture. 

I got to take a shower... and Caroline found me. 

The morning of the 11th we were going to try to take our Christmas card picture... so part of our family room underwent a Holiday transformation... and I tried to use to baby gate to keep the little ones away from it before picture time. 

Tracey brought home the acorn from preschool, and I put it up next to the fish that she made earlier this year.  Hand print art is my favorite. 

Milk from Wednesday moved to the freezer.  
We don't have an overabundance of breast milk... but we have been very lucky in that I more than break even each week, so we always have a few bags in the freezer.


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