Monday, November 21, 2016

Language Explosion

Recently Tracey has had an absolute language explosion.

She went from talking her normal amount, her usual subjects, her usual words and thoughts to become a little chatterbox telling us everything about everything, stringing four and five sentences together in order to make her point.

I think i noticed it for the first time a few weeks ago when she was talking to my parents on facetime and told them about our trip to the zoo.  Here I thought I was going to have to prompt the conversation by reminding her what animals we saw, but she just took off telling them everything.  Something like,  "We went to the zoo.  We saw elephants.  We saw giraffes.  I fed the giraffes lettuce.  We saw a bear.  I saw the bear.  Mommy saw the bear.  Daddy saw the bear.  Howard and Caroline saw the bear.  We rode the carousel.  We saw a moose.  And Peepaw saw a moose, and Meemaw saw a moose..." ... and her recount of our trip to the zoo went on and on and on.

That was just the beginning because, depending on her mood, she now tells me every detail of whatever just happened.

"Mommy, Howard's awake.  Caroline's awake.  Howard was crying.  Caroline was crying.  Howard dropped his passie.  Howard picked up his passie.  Caroline's crying.  Caroline doesn't want a bottle.  Caroline's chasing Lexie.  Lexie's running away..."

I absolutely love her sweet little descriptions of our daily activities.  I also get exhausted by her, at times, incessant narration.  I am so excited to hear more and more of what's on her mind has she develops into such a unique and perfectly designed person.

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