Monday, November 7, 2016

Much Needed Laugh

I don't know the details of the Bill Cosby investigation... but I know the situation is not good.

I will be very honest... selfishly I really wish Bill Cosby were not involved in this situation because I'm pretty sure The Cosby Show will not be aired again -- on reruns or Netflix, and The Cosby Show was a REALLY funny show.

I enjoyed watching The Cosby Show when I was five years old -- literally.  I would come home from kindergarten and watch Sesame Street and then The Cosby Show, and then the television went off. 

I really enjoyed The Cosby Show as a kid... but I am pretty sure I would LOVE the show as an adult, and as a mother.

So, selfishly, I'm really bummed that Bill Cosby is involved with this mess.

So, not to in any way support Bill Cosby's alleged action, but simply to share a much needed laugh, I hope you enjoy this clip from The Cosby Show.

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