Saturday, November 12, 2016

Twins -- Ten Month

Howard and Caroline turned ten months old on November 1, and this has been a very exciting month.  They doing new things and hitting new milestones every day.

For comparison:
Twins at five months:

Twins at one month:

Twins as newborns:

Both babies had their nine month check-ups this month, and Howard weight 20 pounds and Caroline weighed 19 pounds.  We were very surprised that their weight is so close to each other, but also thrilled that they are both so big and healthy.


Their length was measured at the nine-month check up... and I do not remember the exact numbers.  I do remember that they were within about an inch of each other, which, again surprised us that their sizes are so similar.  Howard is taller, but not by much.

Clothing size: 
Howard wears mostly 18-month clothes, but some 12-month onesies and pants.  His 18-month sleepers are still way too big, but he does not fit in the 12-month sleepers anymore.

Caroline wears almost entirely 12-month clothes and they fit her perfectly right now.

Not much has changed... they love solid food and eat about three meals a day along with some snacks, and they nurse about three-four times a day, and sometimes once or twice during the night.  We really haven't found many foods that Howard and Caroline seem not to like.  They also have started to drink water from a bottle at meals, and they have also begun to experiment with Tracey's cups -- both regular cups and sippy cups, and they're getting pretty good at using them.

Sleeping remains not my favorite subject.  Howard and Caroline take about two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon... but they do not sleep through the night with ANY regularity.  Not only that, but bedtime is hard to predict, and very hard to manage by myself.  They used to fall asleep while nursing, but recently, they prefer to nurse, but then be rocked to sleep.  That is really sweet, but it is harder than when they just nursed themselves to sleep.

New things/discoveries/accomplishments: 
  • Both babies can now pull themselves up to a standing position, and hold on with one hand while doing something else with a free hand
  • Both babies can walk while pushing a toy
  • Both babies can crawl really fast when they want to
  • Both babies have begun to climb
  • Both babies have their first TEETH!  Caroline cut two teeth this month, and Howard has one.
  • Howard can now wave (Caroline started waving last month)
  • Both babies are very vocal at times

  • Howard is such a fun, sweet boy.  He really likes to imitate hand movements as much as possible.  If we are playing a game that involves clapping or tapping or patting our tummies, he will try to do those same movements with his hands (either clapping, or tapping the floor, or patting his own tummy).  When I am holding him and I pat his back, he will put his arm over my shoulder and pat my back.  He is getting pretty tough because he loves to move, he loves to stand, he loves to walk, and he can handle little falls now without getting upset.  When he is awake, and Caroline is asleep, he will crawl over to her and wake her up.  He loves that he can move and he loves exploring new things (like the dog water, cabinets, the toilet paper roll, and more).
  • Caroline is very sweet, and was a little behind Howard on pulling herself up and moving around, but now that she has figured it out, she can keep up with him and hold her own.  She still loves new people, and loves Tracey and Howard, and Lexie, and Lloyd, but she is also content entertaining herself at times.  She loves standing up next to the toy box and pulling out toys one by one and dropping them on the floor beside her.  Whenever illness is going around, Caroline usually is the first one to come down with it and the rest of the children follow.

  • Playing with each other
  • Pacifiers - this month with teething they have come to really love their pacifiers and use them independently... and steal them from one another
  • Nursing
  • Solid food
  • Bath time together
  • Playing with Tracey
  • Tracey's bedroom
  • Lloyd's water dish
  • Being tickled
  • Standing and walking with toys
  • Lexie and Lloyd
  • Electrical chords
  • Cupboards
  • Looking out windows
  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Long finger nails
  • Runny noses

Special Memories
  • A trip to Colorado Springs where our St. Louis family surprised us
  • First boat ride
  • First time watching Tracey catch a fish
  • First trip to the zoo
  • First Halloween
  • First time walking in a local parade
  • First Rifle Homecoming parade 
  • First Carousel Ride 

  • Howard
  • Master Howard
  • Buddy (Tracey calls him this)
  • Buckaroo
  • Doc Howard
  • Big boy (Tracey calls him this)
  • Little guy 
  • Blue baby - Tracey's description
  • Caroline
  • Sweetheart (Tracey calls her this)
  • Baby Girl
  • Caroline Christine
  • Little Miss
  • "Airoline" Tracey's name for her
  • Pink baby - Tracey's description

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