Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Kind of Exercise

I've been watching various television series on Netflix this year.  I half pay attention to the show while I'm transcribing braille or exercising or doing grad school (although, I always end up pressing pause while I'm doing grad school and three hours later I haven't pushed play again yet...)  It seems to be my way of turning things I don't particularly like to do into more pleasant experiences.

Currently, I am finishing up Private Practice, which I never watched when it aired, but which I am FULLY addicted to and loving on reruns.

I'm currently watching the last season and I'm so bummed that it's ending.  Last night, I saw this clip about a character, Amelia, who is talking about ways she is putting her life back together... moved into a new place, etc.

This clip made me laugh SOOOO hard!! I hope you enjoy:

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