Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh, Family...

I love my family and I don't see any family members but my parents with any degree of regularity.  Interesting, then, that five family members would come to my neck of the woods within the same five-day period, and the week before my Spring Break.  My Uncle and Aunt, Cousin and Cousin-In-Law, and my Brother and his friend all came to Vail the same week.  Yikes!

Here are some fun pictures of last week as I juggled time with family and life the week before spring break:

Skiing with my cousin, Elizabeth.  We have both been on skis since we could walk and we are VERY comparable skiers.  We had a BLAST skiing together.

This year is Vail's 50th Anniversary and all of the mountain-top pictures have the Vail logo with the 50th Anniversary stamp on it.  We had some fun taking pictures on the top of the mountain.

My Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and her husband came to see my home and spent the night last Thursday and we gave my 83-year-old Uncle a lesson about facebook.  I took the below picture on my phone and then we uploaded the picture to facebook and he couldn't believe how fast the picture was taken, then posted, then liked by people he knew.  It was pretty entertaining.

Relaxing after dinner.

Everyone got a lesson in how someone produces Braille -- with a Braille writer.

My cousin, Elizabeth!

This is my brother... What?  You can't see the resemblance?  I have no idea why...

Is this picture a little better?

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  1. What do you think of the new Braille writers? I think they're horrible!


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