Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chinese or Sonic?


I cannot remember when I have been so excited for, and so in need of a Spring Break.

The combination of 1000 miles/week, 4:30am alarms 4 mornings/week, 45ish hours of work/week plus another 10 hours/week transcribing braille, 17 students across 5 school districts, graduate school, summer practicum placement research, baby showers, family visits, animals requiring attention, and a husband whose schedule is more packed than mine, I am at my breaking point...
My SPRING breaking point!!!!  :-D

Okay, that was a really dumb joke, but I am so slap-happy right now, I can't help it!

Last night, as I basked in the relief that is the Friday night that break starts, I asked myself what I wanted to eat to celebrate, Chinese or Sonic?  (I chose Sonic, because there is no Sonic where I'm going for Spring Break, but there is Chinese, so that would be an option later in the week.)

As I was answering this question, Chinese or Sonic?, I was overjoyed at the realization of the TRIVIAL decisions I get to make this week.  My ENTIRE nine days will be full of TRIVIAL, FUN, NO-STRESS decisions.

I saw this picture on the WICKED facebook page (if you don't know the music of WICKED, you REALLY need to change that!!!) and the picture perfectly captured how I feel about my week of easy stress-free decisions!!!

This week might include major thinking on issues like:

Chinese or Sonic?
Movie or TV?
Skiing the Front of the Vail Mountain or the Vail Back Bowls?
Skiing playlist or Running playlist?
Chili or Pizza?
Take Lloyd to the Park or the River?
Nap Now or Later?
Wine or Beer?
Real clothes or Comfy clothes?
Pool or Hot Tub?
Bath or Shower?
 Hiking or Snow-shoeing?
March Madness Basketball or Nick at Night Reruns?
Keystone for Night Skiing or Beaver Creek for some Skiing Variety?
Sleep late and ski in the afternoon or Ski early and take an afternoon nap?
Dancing with Lloyd to P!nk (Raise Your Glass) or to DJ Khaled (All I Do Is Win)?
Singing at the Top of my Lungs or Normal?
Surfing Pintrest or Watching Music Clips?

... Unlimited!

I know life will not always be this easy... someday we will have children and our life will not become stress-free when we're not at work, but right now, I am SOOOO grateful for our honeymoon, pets but not kids stage of life!

Thank you, Lord, for this time away from work.
I really need it if I'm going to continue working as hard as I do.

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