Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters: Snuck Up On Me

  • Dear Friday, All week I though it was Thursday... and yet Friday really snuck up on me.  How does the brain work that those two statements can be true?  It doesn't make any sense.
  • Dear Exercise, Its been nice to see you a few times this week.
  • Dear Graduate Professors, In my work, I really try to response to emails within 24 hours...  sometimes it doesn't happen and it takes me 48 hours to respond, but I REALLY make an effort to at least send some type of response within a day.  I wish you would adopt this philosophy.
  • Dear Pioneer Woman, I really love your recipes.  I wish you published a workout program with all your wonderful, delicious recipes.
  • Dear Baby Shower This Weekend, You are going to be a lot of fun, the decorations will be beautiful, and the food will be delicious!
  • Dear Spring Break, You are close enough to see, but way too far to feel yet.
  • Dear Friends and Relatives Who Are Having Babies, I feel as though your children are going to be born at JUST the right time... I'm had babies on the brain lately, and I think when your babies arrive, my baby brain will skedaddle when I see all the work, cost and responsibility that comes with a baby.  Thanks for timing your children so perfectly for me.  :-D
  • Dear Long Distance Friends, We need to catch up
  • Dear Daily Commute, I'm getting tired of losing reception ever 30 miles.  I can never have more than a 30 minute conversation with someone without the call dropping and needed to call them back.  Colorado, you need to put more cell phone towers in some of these canyons, please!
  • Dear St. Patrick's Day, Good to see you again!
Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone.

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