Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Letters: Day Light Savings


  • Dear Daylight Savings Time, I really like you every year -- both fall and spring.  I enjoy the dark mornings, although I've been trying to treasure the morning mountain sunrises.  I like the dark mornings, and I stay awake better when I drive in the dark.  I will be glad for morning sunrises in May.  March is too soon.
  • Dear Family, Why do you all come in the span of the same two weeks?  How about we spread your visits out next time?
  • Dear Friday, Welcome Friend.
  • Dear Snow Storm That's On Its Way, Welcome Friend!  Please continue to pummel us with snow until the middle of April.  Then, I will be thrilled for Spring to arrive at that time.  Early March is too early for Spring... please keep up the snow!
  • Dear Hubby, I have spent several nights this week working middle school concessions in order to spend time with you -- that's love, Mister!
  • Dear Grad School, I'm about ready for you to be finished... only seven more weeks to the semester.
  • Dear Weekend, You are shaping up to be FULL of work!
  • Dear Exercise, Let's get together again soon.
  • Dear 2013, You're going to be long, but it looks like you will include Greeley, Nashville, West Michigan, St. Louis, Austin Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean... you will be a lot of work, but you will bring me through some really cool experiences as well.
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  1. Oh my gosh, exercise and I need to get together soon, too! haha


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