Saturday, August 12, 2017

10(ish) on 10

The other day I remembered to take 10(plus) pictures on the 10th of the month.

Here they are:

This was one of the rare mornings I awoke before Tracey came in our room.  I got up, and dressed, and ready for the day... and laid back down in bed to stay off my feet until I had to get up because at 29 weeks pregnant, my back gets really sore by the end of the day.

Within 60 seconds of my snapping the selfie of my resting time, Tracey was up, awake and in bed with me ready for the day.

Hugs will Lloyd before we got the babies up.

This was a full basket of clean laundry just waiting to be folded.  I paused from my folding to change a messy diaper... and Caroline took that opportunity to create a cozy cave.

I don't know if Howard is excited about eventually turning a somersault, or if he always wants to see life from a different perspective, or if life with all these girls requires him to stop and strike a yoga pose in the middle of the day, but he assumes this position several times every day.  Check out that flexibility.

Caroline got a hold of my iphone at one point and this was the result.

As I was snapping pictures of our day, Howard crawled in my lap and absolutely loved when I flipped the camera around for a selfie of him.

Working diligently on a block tower.  She concentrated on this task for over 30 minutes all while her two siblings squabbled about which blocks were theirs to use.  Caroline focused on her task of building a tall tower... then it would fall, and she would happily build it again.

Tracey finally got tired of Howard knocking over her up-right towers, so she built a big cake on the floor.

We recently got an Instant Pot, and it has been such a game-changer for me in the kitchen.  It is used pretty much every day for some aspect of our meals and our kids have loved almost everything we've cooked in it.

Here are the twins loving their spaghetti chicken, and homemade yogurt.

The homemade yogurt is a huge hit, and so good for us.

Everybody in?  Blastoff!

Hubby came home with a Rifle Middle School shirt for me, which made me SO happy.  The teachers all got the cutest baseball-style shirts this year and I commented on how cute they were.  Hubby mentioned how much I liked them to the powers that be, and came home with a shirt for me.  This is my first ever Rifle Middle School shirt despite doing Hubby's laundry for the past six years (and now most of his wardrobe consists of Rifle Middle School apparel)... and I do work in Rifle Middle School through my work with blind students.  So, I was really excited.  I don't know that the shirt will fit me during this last trimester of pregnancy, but it should be a good size when I'm not pregnant.

 That was our day... Loads of fun and lots of little ones.

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