Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We Went Camping

We went camping as a family last weekend... and it was awesome.  It was also really hard and borderline crazy, but I'm glad we did it.

We went to Stagecoach State Park which is Northeast of where we live.  The park is just a little outside of Steamboat and about 2.5 hours from Rifle.  There is actually a really great camping sight about 30 minutes from our house, but frankly, had we been closer to home, I would have canceled the remainder of the trip and brought everyone back home several times over the course of the weekend.  So, Stagecoach State Park was a very good fit for us.

One family we met during the camping trip had a great suggestion that we start a family camping journal.  They suggested that we write down where we're camping, including the camping plot number, activities we did and anything fun that happened.  She encouraged us to include memories that the kids share as they get older, and anything we forgot or want to do differently next year (like for example, we need to bring a hammer next time to pound tent stakes).

Our camping activities included sleeping in one tent (Hubby, our three kids and I... and I'm 6 months pregnant), cooking over our campfire, swimming in Steamboat, attending a nature talk, and fishing.  Here are some pictures of our trip:



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