Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend with my hubby!!!

It is amazing how being away from him and our home just makes limited time together SOOO great.  Our weekend had a little of everything -- time outside, time with others, time together, time with Lloyd, time working, time playing, time sleeping, time snuggling.  We just had a perfect weekend.

We spent Friday and Saturday up in Vail at the Go-Pro Mountain games were our Lloydey competed in the Doc Dogs jumping competitions.  I had fun playing with the Burst Mode photo app that takes 50 frames per second.

He competed in four competitions and he came home with four medals -- one for being a competitor, one for third place, one for second place, and one for first place.  I know, if I were to post this picture, I would include #whyisthisnecessaryinlife and #whopaysforthesethings

Anyway, in addition to the Doc Dog jumping, we saw human sporting events including extreme kayaking, fly fishing, mountain biking, and a mud run.   The temperature was a little cool, but all in all, the days were beautiful.

 Then, on Sunday, hubby and I worked.  I have a presentation due on Tuesday, and hubby is so computer savvy that he helped me create an interactive page for my classmates to interact and brainstorm with my presentation.  I am SO grateful for his help and now SOOO excited for my presentation on Tuesday.

I'm ready for my next week of class even though it means leaving my hubby and home for another week.  Now that I've started the class, I would never want to not finish.

What's ahead for you this week?

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