Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dream Wedding: Table Names

At our wedding, we labeled our tables with the names of baseball parks.  Yes, you heard correctly, and NO we did not have a baseball-themed reception.

We knew we wanted something unique for each table other than "Table 1, Table 5..." and Chris loves baseball.  I don't remember who conceived the idea to name the tables after ballparks -- maybe Chris as joke, but I designed a way that we could do the baseball park names in an elegant way.

In my opinion, its amazing what an elegant font and a black picture frame can do!

To tie the ball parks in to Chris and me, each table was given the name of a ballpark, the baseball team that plays there, the city that the ballpark is in, and then whether Chris and/or I had visited the ballpark, and when we had done so.


Chris really wanted the head table to be Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals play, and the other stadiums, we were able to pick-and-choose which we wanted to include.  If memory serves, we had 27 tables, and 30 Major League Baseball Teams from which to choose.

We decided that the table where our parents sat would be Miller Park (get it... because Chris' parents are the Millers?), and we tried to sit people at a table that they had some geographical affiliation to the city.  We chose ballparks that were our favorites to include and had a fun time making table assignments based on baseball team alliances.

We also included table numbers at the tables so that the wait staff could easily identify their normal tables without confusion.  So, on the place-cards, we included table number and baseball park, so they could identify their table number from a distance, and then see their baseball park affiliation when they were seated.

 All in all, we were very pleased with how the whole thing came off and were excited to include something unique about us -- and especially so special for Chris, both prominently and elegantly in the wedding reception.

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