Monday, June 17, 2013


Of the five senses, Touch might be the one I think about least.  Sure, a back massage feels great, but I think I spend more time focused on beautiful things I see, fragrant things I smell, delicious things I taste, and melodious things I hear.

This month, however, as I am spending hours a day blindfolded and learning to travel with a white cane, I am finding myself more focused on Touch.

There is such comfort in Touch.

We hear all about comfort foods, people send beautiful and fragrant flowers when their friends are grieving, but really, the best option for comforting someone is to touch them.  Give them a hug, pat their shoulder, hold their hand -- all forms of touch.

I have noticed that I savor touch when Hubby and I are together on these weekends.  I LOVE reaching over in bed and touching him.  He may already be asleep, I'm not necessarily trying to rub his back or hold his hand... I just want to touch him.  I want to feel that he is there, right next to me.  I gain such comfort from feeling that he's next to me.

He and I hold hands ALL THE TIME!  We're kind of like teenagers when it comes to hand holding.  We hold hands in the car, when we're walking, at the supermarket, at church, at the movies, in bed, at dinner... we hold hands all the time.  In addition to seeing each other and hearing each other, we want to feel each other.

I don't think we're alone in feeling this separation... right now, as I am writing this, our pup, Lloyd is laying on my foot.  My leg is dangling off the bed, and my foot is touching the floor -- and that is where Lloyd decided to lay... on my foot.  I think he is cherishing my touch as much as I am loving his soft fur on my foot.

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