Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Perspective on Home

Last night I came HOME to Rifle for the weekend.  When I walked through the door last night, and crawled into bed, I was overwhelmed with new levels of gratitude for our little home.
  •  MY HUBBY!!!  This is not a new appreciation -- but this man takes SUCH good care of me.  From the moment we greeted each other on Friday afternoon, I immediately knew I was going to be perfectly taken care of until we part ways Monday morning.
  • Our bed is so comfortable!  I can't remember ever having such an appreciation for how comfortable our bed is.  I have noticed this week that I don't sleep well without my husband, and so to crawl into our PERFECT bed NEXT TO my husband, was the most wonderful part of my week!
  • I love knowing where everything is at home.  I walk through the door -- and home is home!  I know where we keep the extra paper towels, how to adjust the temperature, where to find the table spoons.  There is something so beautiful at home.  This summer, when I am living in other people's homes -- and SO grateful to be there -- it makes me appreciate the familiarity and comfort of our home tenfold.
  •  Our puppy -- it is so wonderful to be greeted by a loving animal.  I absolutely missed my husband this past week... but what made missing him harder was not having a frisky, furry friend meeting me at the door.  Life without animals is not a life I particularly like.  Today, I am treasuring my puppy (and Lexie from a distance... she's still in Michigan) with a new-found appreciation for what he adds to my life and our family.
  • Our bedroom windows.  I am INCREDIBLY grateful for my place to stay in Greeley, and my room is in the basement, which allows for a lot of privacy -- always a plus when you are living in someone else's home.  That being said, I am really appreciating the windows in our bedroom because I do not have windows in my bedroom in Greeley.  I love being able to get some fresh air, cool off the room with the night temperatures, and have an idea of what time it is based on the light outside.
Although its only for a few days, it feels SOOO good to be home sweet home!!!

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