Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Letters: Week 2 of O&M Class

  • Dear Last Night, I can't remember when I have been as tired as I was last night.  In bed ready to fall asleep at 6pm tired.  I think the craziness of my schedule, and classes, and driving to and from Rifle, and wearing a blindfold, and using a cane every day, and biking to class, and not being home finally caught up with me.
  • Dear Father's Day, I wish I could be with my dad on this day.  I think the last time I was with my dad on Father's day was two years ago just before Chris and I were married.
  • Dear Hubby, I get to see you this weekend, but in Greeley this time instead of Rifle.  We will have fun -- but I really have to study.
  • Dear Drop-Off O&M Exam, One week from now, I hope you will be over and done with.  That being said, I have a LOT of practicing and memorizing to do between now and then.
  • Dear June Grad School Class, You are 1/2 over!!!!
  • Dear McDonald's, Don't tell anyone, but sometimes chicken nuggets and french fries and an orange HI-C drink are all I need to find peace in the world.
  • Dear Becky and Daniel's Nugget, Thanks for staying put inside Becky.  I realize you could come ANYTIME... but you aren't due until July 2, and I really need you to arrive on July 1 or 2.  Please don't be too late... but don't be very early either.
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