Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thank You for your Prayers

Thank you for your Prayers.

A few weeks ago, I asked for you to join me in prayer as I hoped to arrange Orientation and Mobility placements for myself this summer in order to become certified to teach Orientation and Mobility as soon as this winter.

Specifically, I asked for the following... and I have followed up each request from early May with how, just over a month later, they have been answered.
  • Please join me in prayer for the arrangements of summer placements... All summer placements are arranged as of two days ago.  I will spend three weeks of July in Tucson; three weeks of August in Michigan; and three weeks of Sept/Oct in Texas.
  • Or join me in prayer that all the doors would be locked tight and I would get the message to stop knocking!  These doors were never locked.  They took some persistent, and PERSISTENT knocking... but every one of these doors has now been opened (and I'm hoping they will stay open so that I can walk through them in July, August, and Sept/Oct).
  • Please pray that my will be in joyful submission to whatever the Lord wants me to do with my summer... and my life... and it will be on His time frame.  The Lord provided for all of these practicum placements, and showed me His timing for not only my earning this degree but other things in my life through this process.  So little is in my control, and sometimes I forget that this is how I want it.  His timing is so much better than mine.  My life and my future is so much better cared for in His wonderful hands.
  • Please pray that I learn from this intense frustration and that it grows my character.  I think He is still growing my character through this process.  Sometimes things don't happen fairly, and people don't extended common courtesy.  That shouldn't affect how I treat them.  I need to love them despite their treatment of me.
  • Please join me in prayer that something changes because I am coming to the end of my rope.  The Lord measured my strength for each day, which I know he will continue to do throughout this very busy, jam-packed, working summer.  He extended my rope as long as was needed, and provided everything I needed in the perfect timing.
  • Maybe you will feel led to pray that I get a new dose of patience for dealing with organization after organization that seems intent on a lack of common courtesy...  He provided all the patience necessary, and I am so grateful.
  • But please, however you feel led to pray, please join me in prayer.  All of your prayers were answered and I am so grateful.
Thank you for standing with me during this time of adjustment.
Thank you for helping me surrender these points before God as I struggled to accept His plan and His timing.
Thank you for your support. 

Please never hesitate to share your prayer requests if you would ever like me to stand with you in prayer.

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