Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Please Join Me In Prayer.

 I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that the Lord hears my prayers even when I don't speak them out loud. When I am the only one who knows what I'm saying to the Lord, I believe He hears, and listens, and answers. That being said, I don't exactly know how more people praying about and for the same topic increases the clarity of God's response, but I believe my faith increases when I ask others to pray on my behalf.
I don't fully understand how more or less people praying changes or enhances God listening and responding... and I am so grateful I don't have to understand.  It is not my job to understand.

I am so grateful that I am free to pray to my Creator, my Comforter, my Lord, my God, my Savior, my Father, my Friend any time and on any subject.  I am also grateful that I can request the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ and believe that their joining me in prayer makes a difference.
Today I'm requesting prayer for my summer practicum placements for Orientation and Mobility training.  These practicum placements are like student teaching for this graduate degree I am earning and I need 9 weeks of practicum experience to complete this degree.
I have been praying about, researching, petitioning, and organizing summer practicum placements for months now.  While I was earning other graduate degrees, my university arranged my student teaching placements, but for this Orientation and Mobility degree I am arranging everything on my own.  My hours of work have been endless... and literally endless because the summer placements are not yet arranged or confirmed.

At one point, 6 weeks ago, I believed all three of my necessary placements were arranged... but they were not and my quest has continued.  Maybe it is not the Lord's Will for me to complete this degree in 2013 and every day that passes that organization after organization does not return my calls, I become more and more convinced this might be the case, but I want to complete this degree in 2013 and until God clearly closes every door for this summer, I'm going to continue knocking. 
  • Please join me in prayer for the arrangements of summer placements. 
  • Or join me in prayer that all the doors would be locked tight and I would get the message to stop knocking!
  • Please pray that my will be in joyful submission to whatever the Lord wants me to do with my summer... and my life... and it will be on His time frame.
  • Please pray that I learn from this intense frustration and that it grows my character.
  • Please join me in prayer that something changes because I am coming to the end of my rope. 
  • Maybe you will feel led to pray that I get a new dose of patience for dealing with organization after organization that seems intent on a lack of common courtesy... 
  • But please, however you feel led to pray, please join me in prayer.

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