Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Jeopardy...

Category: Life Lessons

How to feed a cat... and dog... and husband
How to vacuum a patterned floor without missing anything
How to clean a mirror... and a sink... and a counter top
How to mow the grass
How to pray
How to record dates
How to type
How to put on a good face
How to take care of a husband
How to volunteer
How to make a pie crust
How to dress a turkey
How to bake
How to drive long distances
How to talk to babysit
How to make a bed
How to iron
How to water flowers
How to be sentimental
How to set a table
How to entertain a group
How to shave my legs
How to sing to music in the car
How to keep in touch with long distance friends
How to exercise
How to diet
How to apply sunscreen consistently and without exception
How to always make sure the curling iron is unplugged
How to decorate for Christmas
How to organize a house
How to prepare for house guests
How to care for and love the elderly
How to compromise
How to sacrifice
How to study the Bible
How to tip
How to shop
How to wear makeup
How to curl my hair
How to arrange a kitchen

Off the top of my head, what are the things my mother has taught me thus far?

Thank you, Momma!

Happy Mother's Day!

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