Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Little Girl Turns 5!

My Little Girl is five years old today.

My little Lexie was born about five years ago -- I found her the first week of June, and the vet estimated she was about a month old, so I mark her birthday as May 1.

Lexie is the sweetest, softest, most adorable, beautiful kitty cat on the face of the earth!

She has been in my life longer than my husband, longer than my puppy, longer than the Miller family, and longer than some of my friends.

I became a Mama when Lexie entered my life -- a pet Mama, but a Mama nonetheless.  Suddenly I was responsible for a life.
Would I let her go outside? (no)
Would I have her fixed? (yes)
Would I have her de-clawed? (yes)
What would I name her? (Lexington Lee, in honor of the place where she was born, and where God brought us together)

This little girl cracks me up and adds so much joy, personality, and intelligence to our life. 
She prefers running water to her water bowl...

You've heard of baby-wearing, well, she and I are setting the trend for kitty-wearing... as long as she's included, she is happy as a clam.  She really is happy zipped up in my jacket as long as she's a part of what's going on...

She has a few neighborhood friends that she meows with...

 She has opinions on everything... even what ski runs on I take...

I love her so much and am so grateful that God chose me to be her Mama!

Happy Birthday Lexie Lee!

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