Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Letters: The Culmination

  • Dear This Week, Oh wow!!!  I feel like this week have been the culmination of so many unresolved, incomplete, hanging-over-my-head for MONTHS projects that have all FINALLY come to a head -- all at the same time -- this week!  You have kept me hopping, crazed, jumping from one topic to another, moving so fast I have a hard time remembering what I'm doing from one moment to the next...  But, it seems like, today, when the lights go off Friday night, I will have SO MANY things checked off my on-going To-Do list.  That is a great feeling.  THANK YOU, This Week!!!
  • Dear Lexie Lee, I miss you so much, but I know you're in the best place you could be with my parents in Michigan... but we really miss you.  I think Lloyd really misses you too.  How are you handling life without your little brother?
  • Dear Hubby, I kind of feel like I won't see you until September.  The end of the year is so nuts for us... and then I go to Greeley... and then St. Louis... and then Tuscon... and then maybe elsewhere.  It will be nice to catch up -- in September.  I'm only half kidding here...
  • Dear Life, Your ups and downs and mysteries and secrets and surprises and roller-coasters and floods and droughts and mountains and valleys are just wonderful.
  • Dear Season Finales of TV Shows, You are bitter sweet.  I come to enjoy you throughout the school year and you break up the monotony of the weeks.  I enjoy the drama of the series finales, but I don't like that its over for the year.
  • Dear Students, You were such a joy this week!  I am so lucky to be your teacher.
  • Dear St. Louis, You gave us such a great weekend.  It was so exhausting, but so rarely can so much joy and so many loved ones be packed into one weekend.  I will cherish the times we had that weekend forever.
  • Dear Little Nugget, Our new niece or nephew, We are SO excited to meet you.  You just cook as long as you need to... but it would really help our summer schedule if you could arrive on July 1.  We'll love you regardless of when you arrive... but why don't you be a team player and arrive on July 1.  :-D

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