Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Letter: Hotel

  • Dear Hotel, You are relatively pleasant, but I prefer my usual days of traveling across hundreds of miles and viewing gorgeous landscapes to spending hour after hour after hour within your window-less walls
  • Dear Hubby, I miss you, but I am one day closer to coming home!!!
  • Dear Hotel, You give complimentary internet, but you seem to hide it... it took me HOURS to accidentally figure out that you offer complimentary internet
  • Dear Attitude, Let's be happy and positive...
  • Dear Friday, This has been a ROUGH week -- from anger to tears it has been rough!  I'm so glad its Friday and its May and the weekend is nearly here
  • Dear Lexie and Lloyd, I love you sweet animals -- if kids are kiddos, are pets pettos? I love my sweet pettos?  Oh, that's just sad.  Anyways, I miss my kitty and puppy!
  • Dear Grad School, I am DONE with you until June... sort of... as soon as I can confirm my summer practicum placements
  • Dear December, I'm pretty excited for you again -- I was excited for you a few months ago, and then plans changed and I wasn't as excited for you... and then my amazing hubby changed plans again, and now you cannot come fast enough!!!!
  • Dear St. Louis, It is really hard believe that I will be in your fine city one week from today... and I'll be there for like 48 hours, and then I'll be back in Colorado.  We live in such a CRAZY time in history that that sentence and that travel is possible.

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