Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Treasuring the Present: A Simple Weekend

Hubby and I are living some of the best days of our year... RIGHT NOW!

Last weekend was utter perfection.  We have not had a weekend without graduate school, without hunting, without skiing, without football, without papers to grade, without a middle school group to supervise, without ample assignments to transcribe, and without an out-of-town commitment since LAST SUMMER!  Okay, maybe there was one or two in the past nine months... but I honestly cannot remember one.

Hubby and I are both done with graduate school until June, and one or both of us have been traveling the past three weekends...
This past weekend was A-MAZING!

We actually got up and out the door early on Saturday (which we do not normally do, to be honest.  We usually sleep late on Saturday and then work the rest of the weekend) and headed to Grand Junction to have a tire on my van fixed.

It is amazing the fun AND productivity that can be accomplished in a weekend when no work is due.
We had no plans, no commitments, and the day was young.
We ended up doing the following:
  • Getting my van washed (inside and out) -- and then it poured rain :-D
  • Finding Ammunition at Cabela's (Hubby was very happy)
  • Finding good deals on women's clothes at Cabela's
  • Finding great deals on women's clothes at Ross (I had never been to one -- WHAT A STORE!!)
  • Finding great deals on women's clothes and men's shorts at Old Navy
(One of my $10 Old Navy dresses!)
  • Getting the tire fixed
  • Shopping at our favorite grocery store, Sprouts (a less expensive, less snooty Whole Foods that, I think buys from a lot of local farmers... I think)
  • Lunch at Chic-Fil-A
  • Finding a new summer purse (I REALLY needed one -- Hubby was embarrassed when I would wear my ratty old summer purse... and now I can't find it... I wonder if he hid is somewhere?)
  • Running specific errands at Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond
It was such a simple morning, but SOOO enjoyable, and we were home by early afternoon.

After that, Hubby went out to the shooting range with friends -- AND shot a target 550 yards away - ON THE FIRST TRY!  I married quite the Hee-Man!  :-D

(I couldn't get a picture of him hitting the target... but I did get a picture of my Hee-May sawing up a tree that fell in our yard!!  Whoo-Whoo!)

Meanwhile, I thought I was going to stay home and relax... but given that I had no work hanging over my head, I realized I didn't need to relax.  My weekend was full of relaxing, and not full of work.  So I spent a few hours... (DRUM ROLL...)
Organizing our tupperware drawer

(This picture may not look all that organized... but TRUST ME -- IT IS!  Our Tubberware Drawer usually sort of falls out of the cupboard toward you when you open it)

Hanging ski pictures in our bedroom and gathering lilacs from our yard to put in the house
(Pictures on either side of the mirror, and lilacs on our dresser)
Another ski picture kiddy-corner from the Elk

And other May projects that just never get done amidst work, and school, and transcribing.

(Lloydey sleeping in our clean car!)

Last weekend was absolutely perfect.  Hubby and I spent time together, the weekend was productive AND relaxing, and we both entered this week fully refreshed.

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