Monday, May 6, 2013

Dream Wedding: Photobooth

So throughout Hubby and my first year of marriage, I made a point to blog about various details of our wedding and I made it up to a preview of our reception and then I ran out of steam.  I realize the specific details of our wedding might not be all that interesting to people other than Hubby and me, but I want to share these details while they're still fresh in my mind -- even two years later fresh in my mind.

So, I hope you'll forgive me and bear with me while I occasionally continue to share details about our wonderful, perfect, dream wedding.

All photobooth pictures provided by Mi Photo Booth in Michigan!

I attended a wedding in Texas a few years before our wedding and they had a photobooth where guests could take pictures of themselves and leave with a souvenir from the wedding.  Its pretty common at weddings I've attended for the bride and groom to provide some favor to the guests as a thank you for attending the wedding.  I've been to weddings that have given away seeds for planting flowers, jordan almonds, a Christmas ornament, chocolate, and more...

Hubby and I did not decide to hire a photobooth specifically to provide our guest with a favor... but we ended up killing two birds with one stone because it not only added an element of fun and uniqueness, but it served as our guestbook, AND provided our guests with a fun favor to take home.  In the above pictures of the prime rib... behind the place card is the plastic stand-up picture frame that all guests received at their place encouraging them to have their picture taken, and take this frame home to display their fun picture strip.

We are SO glad we had a photobooth at our wedding.

The photobooth was open during cocktail hour, closed during dinner and toasts, and then open for the rest of the night during dancing and the open bar.  Guests were encouraged to have four pictures taken in the photobooth (like at a carnival), and then two photo strips printed.  One strip was theirs to take home, and one strip was immediately glued into a photobook where they would sign their name and write us a message -- and we got to keep the photo book.

Couples were encouraged to wear funny hats and glasses if they wanted, and to go back multiple times.  Sufficed to say, the pictures got sillier and sillier as the night progressed.

Here are some fun images:

My parents on the left and my brother and his family on the right.  Family pictures have never been so fun.

Below are our groomsmen on the left and our bridesmaids on the right... so much fun!

So, on the left is the couple who had the photobooth at their wedding that gave me the idea to have a photobooth at our wedding... and the couple on the right had a photobooth at their wedding because they liked the one at our wedding so much.  :-D

Two of my best friends on the left, and Chris' parents on the right

Hubby and me and his sister on the left, and Chris and his siblings and their grandpa on the right.

 These pictures are some of our favorite from the wedding.  We are SOOO glad we included a photobooth in our special day.

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  1. I love the photo booth. It looks like it was so much fun! Such a great idea for a reception!!!

  2. I've been thinking about getting some wedding photo booths for my guests. It looks like a lot of fun and a great way to preserve your memories. Would you recommend one or two booths for a large wedding?

  3. James, I would follow the recommendation of the photobooth company you are using. We had about 200 guests and those who wanted had their picture taken multiple times. But, again, I would ask the photobooth company.

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