Saturday, May 18, 2013

Year of Dates: March

I am so behind in posting about our year of dates... and we have had dates in March, April and May... so here goes the start of catching up:

Hubby and I had our March date at the end of March during the week of our spring break, which we spent up in Vail, CO.  I had been looking forward to this particular date for months!

 The Lodge at Vail... the hotel right next door to my parents' condo at Lodge Tower have had a restaurant/bar for my entire life and before called Micky's Bar.  It was named Micky's Bar because of the entertainer who plays the piano every night during ski season and who is a one-of-a-kind AMAZING entertainer and wonderful pianist.

Vail's piano man, Micky Poage!
Micky can play anything, and what's more, he is such a true and gifted entertainer that you can go years without seeing him and the moment you walk in the bar, he remembers you, he gives you a hug, he remembers your favorite song (and plays it for you almost immediately) and makes you feel like HIS night is made because you came to see him.  What a gift!

About a year ago, the Lodge at Vail had a different vision for their future and it didn't include the amazing piano man who had entertained Vail for decades.  Subsequently, Micky found a new gig at a very nice restaurant in Avon, CO and this is where Hubby and I had our March date.

Local friends of Micky come to sing with him occasionally... the man in the glasses is singing along with Micky's playing
I hadn't seen Micky in years and I hadn't seen him since I have been married so it was so nice to introduce him to my husband.  Micky knows my parents and my siblings and remembers details about each and every one.  To see him is like visiting an old friend.

We had a wonderful night!

The menu was very expensive, but the food was DELICIOUS!  We were able to figure out a way to share plates for a few courses and enjoy a terrific meal and linger to hear Micky over a few hours.

We ate, we laughed, we sang a little (quietly, to ourselves at the table), we danced (Micky played "Moon River" for us), and we had a wonderful March Date!

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