Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sympathy Pains

Hubby and I are experiencing sympathy pains -- we are just that in tune to each other. :-D

Hubby has been working his tail off with graduate school for the end of the semester for the past week and I am feeling his pain.

Hubby and I are VERY different in the way we handle graduate school.  I had all of my assignments in early -- the final two projects were turned in two weeks early, and 5 days early respectively.

Hubby does not finish his finals early -- he pulls consecutive all-nighters in order to get them done within 10 minutes of midnight deadline when they are due.

Well, as different as we are, I share in his pain. 
When he does not come to bed, I toss and turn and get a horrible night's sleep.
When he is working non-stop all week, I feel like I have some of the busiest weeks of my year at the same time.
When he has trouble staying awake during the day, I am especially tired that day.
When he's frustrated with an assignment, I'm frustrated with something regarding my graduate school.
When he is exhausted but can't sleep because he has to keep working, I am exhausted and unable to sleep.

If this is how we relate when life simply involves graduate school, how are we going to share in each other's pain when it comes to pregnancy?

I love you, Hubby.

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