Thursday, May 16, 2013

Critters on the Road

Lexie and Lloyd came with us to St. Louis this past weekend, and they are just such joys to bring with us on a trip.  We were handing Lexie off to my mom in St. Louis for her to spend a summer in Michigan, and Lloyd got to come along and play with his Missouri cousins.

Here are some fun animal pictures of our travels:

Lloyd sat in the car for HOURS as we loaded and made ready to leave... he wanted us to know in no uncertain terms that he was ready and wanted to go with us.

Hubby and Lex... we drove all night, through the night on Thursday, so we're a little tired in some of these shots.

Late night fun in the car.

Here are some animals we ran into in Kansas City... in a Cabelas display.  These shops are really cool.

More animals in and around Cabelas...

Our little queen of the car... she's usually a very good little traveler.

She doesn't always like to be photographed... notice her annoyed look.

Another comfy spot in the van.

This guy loves to travel too... and no annoyed looks from this puppy.

It was a LONG trip...

I thought this was a cool picture.

A Mother's Day picture with my Momma and my little Lexie (and I may have been crying a little at the idea of sending Lex to Michigan for the summer)

I love Momma and Lexie!

Chris and his mom playing with Lloyd and his cousin, Angel.

These dogs have SOOO much fun together!

 We absolutely LOVE our animals and miss our Lexie girl so much now that she's in Michigan.

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